Incredibly Simple Words That Most People Spell Wrongly

Time for a spelling bee! Let's

see how well you do. If you realize you actually

misspell all the 32 English words below, don't

sweat it too much, you are in good company.

Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Jane Austen

and John Keats were all notoriously terrible


1. Wrong: Embarass

Correct: Embarrass

2. Wrong: Writting

Correct: Writing

3. Wrong: Accomodate

Correct: Accommodate

4. Wrong: Seperate

Correct: Separate

5. Wrong: Alot

Correct: A lot

6. Wrong: Truely

Correct: Truly

7. Wrong: Tommorow/ Tommorrow

Correct: Tomorrow

8. Wrong: Definately

Correct: Definitely

9. Wrong: Mispell

Correct: Misspell

10. Wrong: Alright(this may be allowed)

Correct: All right

11. Wrong: Maintainance

Correct: Maintenance

12. Wrong: Recieve

Correct: Receive

13. Wrong: Occassion/ Occassion/

Correct: Occasion

14. Wrong: Occurence

Correct: Occurrence

15. Wrong: Momento

Correct: Memento

16. Wrong: Priviledge

Correct: Privilege

17. Wrong: Miniscule

Correct: minuscule

Incredibly Simple Words That Most People Spell Wrongly

18. Wrong: Neccessary

Correct: Necessary

19. Wrong: Pronounciation

Correct: Pronunciation

20. Wrong: Wierd

Correct: Weird.

21. Wrong: dieing

Right: dying

22. Wrong: lieing

Right: lying

23. Right:convertible

Wrong: convertable

24. Wrong: Continous

Right : Continuous

25. Wrong: expantiate

Correct: expatiate

26. Wrong: pensioneer

Correct: pensioner

27. Wrong: convenant

Right: covenant

28.Wrong: loose

Correct: lose

29. Wrong: Teusday

Right: Tuesday

30. Wrong- Detension.

Right- Detention.

31. Wrong- Concieve.

Right- Conceive.

32. Wrong- interprete.

Right- interpret

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