Things Guys Need To Fix Before Approaching A Lady

Things Guys Need To Fix Before Approaching A Lady

First impression lasts long as this is peculiar to the way a guy presents himself before a lady. 

Often times I have seen guys been rejected by ladies because they fail to do their homework exercise.

However, there are certain things guys need to fix before approaching a lady which are; 

1. Lustful glances

There are stylish ways to analysing the shape of a lady. However, not in front of her as you will be sizing her b**bs, fantasising her butt as if a tokunbo car is being checked. This attitude has changed wheel online when you see threads discussing about the shape of some female monikers. Na wao! 

2. Body and Mouth Odour

The economy cannot be that bad as you can't afford to buy toothpaste and brush. Hitherto, It's shameful when the odour oozing out from some guys mouth is like a dead rat. Also, they can't purchase common N50 shaving stick to lower the forest region of their private section. Looking at their armpit will not be different from glancing a dustbin house. 

3. Bad Vocabulary

I don't understand why some guys will not work on their english as they vomit bad vocabulary like bullets to wooing a lady. These are the category of guys who complained of ladies been a hoo simply because they won't give in to their blunder. 

Things Guys Need To Fix Before Approaching A Lady

4. Tattered and Disgusting Outfit

Kingtom and Jacksparrow1207 will not cease to amaze me as they sag trousers(torn jeans for that matter) to woo babes. No wonder mhizkel and co. reject their proposal like a visa application been rejected at american embassy. Their latest move is to customised females monikers as tattoo on their skin. See desperation to get girlfriend. 

5. Using Animal Sound To Call A Lady's Attention 

Yesterday I received the insult of my life when I used whistling sound to call ishilove's attention as if she is a "bingo". She gave me a resounding/dirty slap and promised to ban me for 10years *Abeg Ishilove na joke* E jooo oo! 

6. Sending Friends to do your bidding proposal 

Since ladies has tagged me and bl3zzy as "abooki fragrance boys", We had no option than to send kinglekan (our errand boy) to convey our message of love to those ladies we have feelings for. However, they rejected our bidding proposal as we have been completed relegated from wooing ladies. #Show of Shame#

7. Consumption of alcohol to boost ego/self confidence 

This is peculiar to immature dudes who have lost self confidence like flying eagles and super falcons. Because they are timid to approaching ladies, they ask orijin101 to serve them bottles of beer to build fake esteem. 

8. Claiming False Riches 

I don't understand why some guys will subject themselves to becoming a figure of maga for ladies.
Some weeks ago, I board a keke heading to allen junction. Sitting between me and a guy was a pretty lady. That day I was not in wooing spirit because of the hunger eating my stomach. Few minutes after, the other guy brought out his chinko phone and press the call button ranting about his millions worth of container awaiting arrival @ apapa. I couldn't hold my laugh when the lady hissed so loud indicating the mumu should shut his mouth. 
Guys stop proving what you are not, please!

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