Things Men Cant Do Without -

Things Men Cant Do Without

1.MONEY:this is very vital to all men,money is a perculiar thing that life seems to be centerd need money to buy things,pay bills,both neccessities and desirable.

2.SEX:without regualar sex,some men have physical pain that is tough to handle.dont be decieved it quiet not easy for men to control their urge for sex,that why you see some men mastubate in other to relieve the pressure brought on the lack of sex.
study after study shows that men sex drive are not only stronger than women's,but much more straight forward.majority of adult men under 60yrs think about sex atleast once a day before the day is over.

3.FRIENDS:In nigeria we got different slangs for the word friend e.g homeboy,goons.ibak ete,padi padi mi,my niccur etc.guys can do without a true friend in which they can gist,gossip,runs map,play games together.
True friends are always together in spirit.#one love to my one and only homie frank ishadu.

4.SMOKING:some men cant just do without this.i once had a pastor friend now a bishop who had a struggle with this.this man cant go a day without finishing like 8packs of a time i asked him why he likes smoking very early in the morning instead of praying.i was astonished at his response"he said that it is his own way of telling God good morning"As soon as the smoke reaches the sky God smiles at him(lol)eyen mi amanam oo.But thank God for his soul.

5.GAMES:Guys i can stay a whole day playing ps4,watching matches,playing snooker,table tenis,lawn sure we got some die hard chelsea fans in here.sometimes i miss church activities just to watch matches,thesonofmark,ipledge my partners in crime can testify to this.

Things Men Cant Do Without

6.ALCHOHOL:this one is a serious matter oo some men are really so addicted to this,to the extent that they can download like 5 green and white bottle before the day is over.
I have an uncle who drinks sapele water or ogogoro like water(drygin).Some years ago he knouck down 4 people at a spot#may their soul rest in peace amen.that man still drinks till date,infact he as been given a chieftaincy title as the 001 of the kai kia ministry.lord help him.

7.PACKAGING:some boys cant just do without dressing neat#darkrebel,ipledge,peeparty,kulboy,jacksparrow,iamkingzlee.chai this guys always looking dope.some guys just dress to impress the ladies or maybe it something that is part of them.whatever reason guys have for killing it anytime anyday is best none to them.
back then in school i use to have a friend who can starch anything starchable,till we gave him a nickname"PACKARD".(Lol)am sure you can rememeber someone like that as your reading.

8:FOOD:Some men can't just do without food especially some nairaland boys like wonder ladies believe that food is an easy access to a mans heart.some guys are gluttonous in nature they eat whatever the see.i have a friend who eat like a child you will always catch him soaked with palm oil and rubbing the particles all over his beards.this sight is so disgusting to us as his friends,what can one do boys will always be boys.

9.GOD:I still believe they are some awesome men who can't do without God.he is all sovereign,all knowing,jehovah overdo,words and ink can't express who he is.this hard to come last because of who he is.

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