10 Unbiblical/unspiritual Practices Thriving In The Church

10 Unbiblical/unspiritual Practices Thriving In The Church

There are many unscriptural activities going on in the church today which Christians pretend not to see. The more we keep silent, the worse things would become. Though we are aware that many happenings in the church today are signs of the end time, it is our duty to put things right and strive to revive the ‘old time religion.’ 

1. Charging Consultation Fee-
Paying certain amount of money before you can see the man of God has become a common practice in many churches nowadays. So many pastors have commercialized deliverance, salvation and spiritual counselling against the Lord’s wish- Matt 10:8 Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.

2. Selling Some Spiritual Items-
I’m more particular about churches selling holy water and anointing oil in plastic containers and bottles where worshippers are disallowed from bringing theirs but compelled to buy from the church. Let them buy from wherever they choose; your role is to ensure those items are blessed and sanctified.

3. Making Tithe Card Compulsory-
I have no objection to the issuance of tithe cards for those who want it. Some churches have denied 
members some privileges because they do not have their tithe cards which serve as evidence to know tithe payers. I, like many others prefer paying tithes anonymously. Someone may be paying tithe regularly having his card checked and signed by the pastor and still feign being saved.

4. Setting up too many church societies-
It is unfortunate that church leaders rarely check the activities or attend meetings of these societies. Many have derailed from their essence and a lot of such church societies now run like town meetings, social groups or cooperative societies. Let us cut them to size, review their activities regularly, and ensure prioritization of spiritual events in these societies.

5. Singing and Dancing to Worldly Music-
We really need to watch it here. We listen to hip hops, Rocks etc which are trending and become tempted to copy the rhythm and sometimes lyrics of such music for church use. Many of these songs and dances are not glorifying God so why copying the world? Ladies now twerk and wiggle in sexually provocative styles in churches at the sound of such worldly music. 1 John 2:15 Love not the world , neither the things that are in the world . If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. Choirmasters and Music Coordinators pls take note. 

10 Unbiblical/unspiritual Practices Thriving In The Church

6. Stipulating Minimum Amount for Offering-
Few days ago I was in a gathering and the pastor announced that those who do not have up to a certain amount of money to put down as offering should not bother to come out. This wasn’t the first time I’ll hear this announcement coming from the alter. This approach to collection of fat offerings should not be encouraged in the church. Jesus praised the poor widow who cast just two mites into the treasury because that was all she had [Mark 12: 41-44]. If such marginalization was declared before casting of offering at the temple, the poor widow would not have been able to cast her offering which Jesus acknowledged as the greatest of all offerings. Pastors should stop deterring people from casting their offerings; we do not need to inform them that fingers are not equal. Preach and tell the congregation the benefits of giving bountiful offering to God and let Him nourish His word in their heart and not indirectly telling them, ‘you cannot give the little you have to God.’ 

7. Organizing sport/game Competitions-
I do not know when sporting became an important spiritual exercise in the church. I once attended a church where a football match between two parishes led to a serious fracas. This later grew to a feud and it took many years for some of the youths and priests to heal the wounds of bitterness sustained during the match. It is more ideal to organize Bible quizzes and competitions which is very much unlikely to sow seeds of discord.

8. Letting out Church Premise/Properties for Secular Purposes-
I my humble opinion, it isn’t right to rent out church properties for non-religious activities such as club parties, political meetings etc. They may violate your rules and you would not be able to stop them until they are through.

9. Organizing Excursions and Sightseeing-
This should be left for our work places, families, schools and any other moderate social groups which we may belong to. Christ sent us to the whole world on a mission assignment to evangelize and win souls to the kingdom and not to catch fun. I have attended an excursion organized by the youth leaders of a church and to be honest, nothing gave glory to God in all we did. In fact, it may turn to an avenue for brethren to engage in sexual immoralities.

10. Inviting Secular Musicians and Comedians to Perform at Church Functions-
I have heard some blasphemous jokes from many comedians lately. It is so saddening that churches invite such performers to anchor programmes and all you hear are disrespectful words against God all in the name of making people laugh. How can you bring a secular musician to the church and expect him to bring down the spirit of God with his or her hip hop or RnB? 

May the Lord revive the church again. Amen

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