Clean up your Pc and Fix Errors with Ccleaner

Ccleaner is a free system tool that cleans up and fix errors on your PC. This tool cleans up all the junk files that are making your system run too slow. cclearner has an inbuilt registry cleaner that locates and fix all the registry error and it can backup your registry in case any thing goes wrong the process, you will be able to restore your registry. ccleaner can speed up your computer by removing internet history from browsers and also temporary files left out by other application after deleting them from your system. You can use ccleaner to remove or uninstall any program from your system totally. ccleaner is fast and easy to use when removing junk files from your system. This useful tool has an easy interface and a must have for every PC owners.

How to use Ccleaner
Download ccleaner from if you don't already have it on your system, install the tool immediately and run the application by double clicking on the program icon to open. ccleaner has four sections as shown in the picture below

1. Cleaner
2. Registry
3. Tool
4. Options
These sections each has some unique functions which i will mention below
Cleaner:  This section mainly removes temporary files from your system and also all the browsing details on your system as removed.
Registry: The functions of this registry is to check and fix problems found inside your system registry. it has the option to backup registry files before performing the task in case any thing goes wrong, your ccleaner would be able to restore your registry.
Tools: With tools, you can manage all your programs, uninstall any unwanted program directly from the ccleaner interface. you can also remove any unwanted program in the start up list.
Options: It lets you choose how how you want ccleaner to run on your system.
In ccleaner mode, there are several check boxes and these check boxes decides the settings of ccleaner. you can check boxes to remove any item for the cleaning process.
to run ccleaner, just click on "Run Cleaner" button or betterstill click Analyze button, it will give you details of the ticked files which are going to be removed.

How to Fix Registry issues
Select registry options on the left side and click on "scan for Issues" it will find all the errors on your system registry. ccleaner allows you to backup your system registry before you make change. during the fixing process, backup your registry before you continue. Making backups will help you restore file should anything goes wrong.
After scanning for issues, take a backup and then fix the registry issues using the tool. by doing this, you can use ccleaner to clean up your windows system and fix any errors.
Download ccleaner here =>

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