Direct Bank Deposit Option Avalible For Nigeria Adsense Publishers

According to Jide, Google notified him that Adsense account publishers in Nigeria will soon be receiving their monthly earnings via international wire transfer other wise called Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), which will at the long run affect the payment options. Currently, Adsense has 2 modes via which Cheque can be received: Standard Delivery and Secure Express Delivery (which usually cost €17).

But, with the introduction of Electronic Funds Transfer, express delivery secure checks and courier tracking numbers will be discontinued for Nigerian publishers. With Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)  your Adsense earnings will be directly deposited to your bank account here in Nigeria. This goes a long way to speed up the payment process. EFT is fast, secure, and environmentally friendly, and it's the Google-recommended payment method.

This is a good news to Nigerian Adsense publishers as they will not long wait that long before they cash their money. For you to receive your money, you have to sign up for payments by EFT and you need to provide details about your bank account and verify your account using a small test deposit.

Currency and Exchange Rate
Inside your Adsense account, you have to choose the currency you want your money to be in. There are only 2 currencies you can choose from: Dollar and Euros. For you not to loose money via currency conversion, its advisable that the bank account you are planning to use in sign up with EFT should have the same currency value with the choice of currency you set your Adsense account with.

For example, I will be using my GTB Dollar account since I choose Dollar currency in my Adsense account.

Steps To Add Your Bank Account To Google Adsense Account

  Entering Your bank Information

=>>  Sign in to your account at

=>>  On the Home tab, visit the Account settings page.

=>>  In the Payment settings section, click "edit payment method."

=>>  In the Electronic Funds Transfer section, select the Add a new bank account radio button. (If you don't see this section, then EFT payments aren't available in your location yet.)

=>>  Click Continue.

=>>  Enter the requested bank account information. If you're not sure what information to enter, please contact your bank. Click Continue.

Thats all.

Your account will be updated and your next payment should arrive in your bank account within 4-10 days.  

thats good news 

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