Five Ways To Tell If A Girl Has Grown To Being A Lady.

This is totally applicable in Nigeria too. Probably, you have a girl you can't tell if she is a Lady or just a girl. With these few points, you can. They are:

1. She Goes On A Date With Her Own Cash

What if the guy decides to be naughty? Will you be at his mercy? What if the "date" didn't go down well? He leaves and your empty purse punishes you! tongue

2. She Doesn't Argue With Guys In Public (Social Network )

If she is busy e-fighting everyone on NL and she opens her mouth and says, "Don't talk to a lady that way"- Close that mouth. You be girl- Simbi is a girl. Not a Lady!

3. She Isn't Whorish In Dressing

A lady is a girl with a class and not a girl seeking some cheap attention by exposing cleavages. A lady is a woman who believes more in brainpower than in her boobs power. Don't get it twisted, a lady has more trust in her brain than her butt.

4. She Speaks Only When Spoken To

I'm not promoting girls forming "dumb". What I'm saying is, she knows when to contribute and when she does, it is with maturity not sillily. As the quote says, " The wise talk when they have something to say, fools talk when they have to say something. .

5. She Represents You Well Before Her Friends

She is not the type that will use vulgar words in describing her guy. E.g, "Don't mind that stingy mumu, I asked him for #30k, he gave me only #5k". No wonder your friends go behind you to see how "mumuish" he is. sad

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