How to Add Money to Your DealDey Account Instantly Using Quickteller is an online website where you can buy electronics, gadgets, clothes and so many house hold items. But before you purchase anything on dealdey, you need to fund your account first. Two days ago, i got an email from dealdey that i was given N1000 free money so i went ahead to fund my account with N4,000 so that i can purchase a phone accessory.

If you want to know how to fund your Dealdey account with Quickteller, then follow this steps below.

How To Fund Your Dealdey Account With QuickTeller

1. Sign into your dealdey account,

2. Move your cursor directly under register as merchant link where you see your name before the "shopping cart" icon, a drop-down menu option will appear. As shown in the picture below.

3. Click on Wallet it will reveal your dealdey account balance and the payment option to select.

4. Then click on Pay With Quickteller online,

5. You will be directed to the Quickteller page where you will be ask to fill an online form.

Now you will need to enter your dealdey registered email address, phone number and the amount you want to pay.

6. Then click Pay.

You will be re-directed to the Interswitch Payment gateway where you will be asked to enter your ATM/debit card details.

7. Once the payment is successful, you can confirm it via your dealdey wallet. You will also get confirmation messages from Dealdey and Quickteller. That's all.

I hope you were able to fund your dealdey account with these steps above? 

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