How To Install Windows 7 On Your Computer Using A Bootable USB

Installing Windows 7 on your computer or laptops using a bootable USB pen drive is possible, especially when your system CD or DVD ROM is not working properly. Installing any Operating System on a computer using flash drives instead of the OS bootable CD is very easy, but you will have to follow certain procedures meticulously before doing it successfully.

You will have to first of all create a Bootable USB which will be used to install the Windows 7 on your computer. It can be a flash drive, or Hard disk. But you can't just copy and paste the windows 7 setup file or iso file in your flash drive and install it, somethings has to be done first which am about to show you now.

Follow this tutorial below to learn how to install windows 7 on your computer system using a Bootable USB.

First: Create A Bootable USB
You will need the following, to successfully create a bootable usb.

1. USB Pen Drive of 4GB minimum in size
2. Windows 7 ISO Image file
3. Download Windows USB/DVD Tool from

Now install the Windows USB/DVD Tool you downloaded on your computer and double click on
the icon after installation completes. Then select the windows 7 ISO Image file from your computer hard disk, this is the windows 7 that you want to insert inside the Bootable USB .

After following the above procedures, the software will ask if you want to create a DVD or a USB for your USB drive. So select the USB and wait.

Format the USB pen drive and make sure that no other files are remaining inside. Then carefully select the right options that comes up after selecting the USB option in the software.

The software will access the USB and scan through to make sure the space is enough to contain the files. If it returns a positive result, it will start copying the windows 7 file to the USB Flash drive.

Once the process is complete, your bootable USB is now loaded with Windows 7 and ready to use. So remove the USB from your computer now.

So Now How To Install Windows 7 On Your Computer Using USB Pen Drive

Insert the bootable USB drive to the computer you want to install windows 7.

Restart your computer or laptop and navigate to your Computer BIOS settings. If you don't know how to navigate to your system BIOS settings, Read this post. How to enter into your Computer BIOS Settings.

Change the settings to boot from USB by pressing F6 to move the selected USB device on top then save it and restart your computer again.

Now you should be able to install Windows 7 OS on your system using a USB flash drive.

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