HOW TO MAKE RINGTONES FOR IPHONE   : Today We are here to share you about Iphone Ringtones ,so,The choice of ringtones on Apple iPhone are very less. The official way to add your favourite ringtone to iPhone is purchase ringtones via iTunes Store. But the iTunes do not provide music or tones purchasing service in every country. So how are we able to use custom ringtones on iPhone? Your ringtone file must be .m4r file extension because iPhone reads .m4r as ringtone file. You can find .m4r ringtone from many sources. Example:, there are tons of free iPhone ringtones for download.The iphone has tons of cool capabilities, which includes downloadable ringtones. But you do not have to pay out for ringtones if you know what you are carrying out and you have the proper packages.Check out now step by step guide on how to make ringtones for iphone 2015 ‘


  • Your iPhone
  • Desired ringtone file (m4r)
  • iTunes 12 or higher


  1. Connect your iPhone to the PC using your USB cable.
  2.  Make sure you have a ringtone with the .m4r extension.
  3. Ste Select your favourite song to make it ringtone for your iphone.
  4. Now just right-click or ctrl-click the same song again and select Create AAC Version. An AAC copy of clip which you selected will appear in your iTunes library directly below the original song.
  5. Now select the AAC version of the clip and right click on it then click on show in windows explorer.
  6. Now just rename file’s extention from”.m4a” to “.m4r”.
  7. After you have your ringtone ready, open iTunes, select the three dots from the upper left corner, and select Tones.

   8. Drag your desired ringtone into this window as shown in the image. I.e.: Navigate to the location of the m4r file,           and just drag it :).

 9. Now sync your iphone and select your favorite ringtone. 
 Now just get your iPhone and go to “Settings” -> “Sounds” -> “Ringtone” -> Your Installed Ringtone.

thats all, shear it with your friends

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