How to make Video Tutorials with VCL Media player

You can use VCL to make tutorial videos and sell them or give them out free if you so wish. Today I will teach you how to use this software to make video tutorials by recording your computer screen.

Ok I assume you already have the VCL media player installed on your PC otherwise you can download it on their official website at install and launch the application after downloading. 

How to use VCL Media Player to Record your Computer Screen.

1. Launch your VCL media player from your desktop,
then click on 'view' and select 'Advanced Control'
from the drop down menu.  See screenshot below.

 2. A new recording tab will now be added to your media player options as shown below.

 3. Next click on 'media' and select "Open Capture Device", a new window will pop up

 4. On the capture mode, select 'Desktop', make frame rate 10f/s. then tick Show more options, tick play another media synchronously.

That is, if you have recorded an audio that you want to use as your background music when recording your video, you will have to add the audio file in the extra media space provided. 
5. Then lastly, click on play to start recording your screencast, click on the record button and quickly minimize your VCL media player. Using shortcut keys will help you do this quickly. When you have finished recording your video, go back and click on the record button again to stop recording. Your recorded file will be saved in an .avi format.

You can then use some online video file converter or a software like total video converter to convert the videos to mp4, wmv, mpg or other formats

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