How to Make Your PC Boot Faster

The major cause of the is that unwanted programs on my system are starting up together with my PC such programs are yahoo messenger and some trial version softwares. if you have yahoo messenger installed on your PC and you power on your computer, while booting yahoo messenger will also start running in the background along side other programes and before you know your system begins to run slow.
How to Get it Fixed?

To get it fixed, you have to stop unwanted programs from running on start up

1. click on the start button and select run, type msconfig in the dialogue box and hit ok as shown

2. a dialogue box will appear like the one below so click on the startup tab

3. you will see most of the programs ticked those are the programs that automatically start running anytime you on your PC so you have to UNtick the ones you wish not to start with your system. note that your PC ought to be processing below 50% to be operating smoothly. some programs when they run on your system, they increases your PC processor above 70% and makes it too slow and some times cause your PC to freeze. to address this problem, you have to identify this program through it processing speed and stop it.

4. To do this, press and hold CTRL + ALT + DELETE to call up your window task manager and click on processes tab you will see your programs at the left side of the box then check CPU if any of the program  more than 50% note it down, go to step 3 find it there and disable it if it is enabled for start up.
5. click on the apply button and ok it that's all you can now start enjoying your pc speed.
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