How to Remove Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) completely from your Computer

Have you ever encountered the windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) showing on your desktop each time you turn on your computer? If yes then you must know how frustrating it is. Always reminding you through its notification that your windows hasn’t passed the validation test. Hence you should verify your windows operating system. The WGA notification check if you have a genuine copy of windows registered on your computer. this validity test can be failed due to buying and installing a pirated non genuine copy of windows XP or because you have changed your XP product key to a software generated one or sometimes it might just happen for no reason at all. In my case I saw this notification to verify my windows and after an attempt, I got a reply that my window XP is not genuine and i should verify it. If you find this notification so frustrating on your computer and you want to remove it completely, then follow this steps below.

The failed validation installed three types of notifications on your computer. One on the log in screen, one in your system tray telling you that you might be a victim of software counterfeiting, and one balloon. It also stops updates from Microsoft and disabled your ability to install Internet Explorer 7 and also windows media player 11. it also makes it difficult for you to use a picture as your desktop background making the background always appear black. I was a victim of this and this is how my desktop background appears each time i set a background picture.

But this method i will provide here, will help you get rid of the WGA notification on your computer entirely. 
Here is how to get rid of this WGA 

Method 1. If you have just installed or encounter the windows genuine advantage notification on your PC, using the system restore function will remove the program. Then refuse to accept the windows WGA updates each time it prompt you to update your windows.
Method 2. The long way is to restart  your computer and boot into safe mode by pressing f8 on your keyboard. Once in safe mode, go to C:\Windows\System32\ and locate the WgaTray.exe The WgaTray.exe is the Windows Genuine Advantage program. It will not run in safe mode so after locating the WgaTray.exe, delete it. If it doesn’t work this way for you, then follow this next step.

Method 3. Boot your computer in the normal mode, (note that this requires a bit of speed) because you will have to end the process from the task manager and delete the program from the C drive immediately before it start processing again on your computer. To do this, go to C:\Window\System32\ and locate WgaTray.exe and highlight it. Next press ctrl +alt+del to open the task manager, select the process tab, find WgaTray.exe in the list and highlight it. This is where the speed comes. You will have to end the WgaTray.exe process quickly and then delete the WgaTray.exe in the other window within 5 seconds

Tips Highlight the program in the task manager, click end process then press enter on your keyboard, then right click on the WgaTray.exe icon in the next window, use the arrow keys to select delete from below and then press enter twice then it is done. You will have to be very fast in doing it. If it refuses to delete then try it again and be faster as you can than before.

If you succeed, continue with the following steps 

Go to C:\Windows\System32\dllcache\ find WgaTray.exe and delete it here also Next you will have to find WGALOGON folder in your registry and delete it because that is where the program is logged. 
Press Start button > Run and type regedit and click ok. 

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE select SOFTWARE select Microsoft select windows NT select CurrentVersion select Winlogon select Notify and then delete the WGALOGON folder. That all you have to do.

Congratulations if done successfully, you are WGA free and make sure you don’t install the program again. Restart your computer and the WGA logo will not show on your log in screen again.

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