The Microsoft operating systems evolve , Windows XP or Windows Vista to Windows 7 and 8, and some of your old software no longer work.

You can replace them with new ones, of course, but it is also possible to want to keep them,
either because you're there attached, either because they cost a lot of money.
Although market pressure prompts you, do not put in the trash! With our advice,
you can still use these applications.

The downside is that the software Windows XP do not work on Windows 8.
Systems are too different. Installation on Windows 8 is sometimes possible, but attempts are often doomed to failure:
inconsistent, these programs generate problems and you will see messages appear when you try to run error.

 If you have an incompatible software, you have two options: run your software with compatibility mode in Windows 7 and Windows 8 or install a virtual machine to run with an older operating system.
Do not worry: no need to be an expert for this. The procedure is easy.

Run programs with compatibility mode Windows

With the compatibility mode of Windows, programs that ran with earlier versions of Windows are operational. To activate this mode, it is sufficient to indicate the properties of the software.

1. Open the properties

Click the right mouse button on the program icon, and then click Properties at the bottom of the page.

2. Enable compatibility mode

Go to the Compatibility tab and check Run the program in compatibility mode.
3. Enable compatibility mode desired

Here you can select the operating system with which you ran the software so far. If this does not work, try to vary by selecting XP,Vista or Windows 7.
Accept the setting by pressing OK and close the window.
 Now your old software should also run on Windows 8 If compatibility mode is not suitable.
you can fall back on the alternative. XP mode.

Alternative: Free XP mode with a virtual machine

The m ode for Microsoft XP was a real innovation of Windows 7. XP Mode is a complete system based on the introduction of Windows XP in a virtual machine. Windows simulates a complete environment with hard drive, processor, memory, graphics card and other hardware. In our tutorial we will explain how to install XP Mode on Windows 8, as the procedure is a little more complex than Windows 7. Once created this virtual environment, you can rerun your old software, no problem.

How to do it? Everything is explained in our tutorial: Emulate Windows XP Windows 8, it is possible with VMLite and Microsoft XP mode.

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