How To Send Games On Java Phones To Another

We all know that most java games are installed immediately after downloading to our java phones. And once they are installed, you can't send or share them with other java phones just like you can share Android games and apps with another Android phone. So today, i will show you how to send java games on java phones the easy way.

What You Will Require

You will require these apps on the java phone you want to send the game from. Blueftp and UC Browser.

Step 1. Go to any site to download the game you want to transfer via UC Browser. EG.

Step 2. When you click to download the game, you will see three options on your UC browser. Like these Install, Save and Cloud download.

Step 3. Click on Save and it will save.

Step 4. Go to the folder where the game is saved and send it via BlueFTP to the other java phone. But make sure the other java phone you are sending to have BlueFTP installed.

Step 5. Now open the blueftp and renew the game sent. At the end of the name of the game, you will see the .EXT extension. e.g. gangster_jar.EXT Delete the ext.

Step 6. Quit the blueftp app, then go to the game and rename the _jar extension to .jar that's all.

After following this steps successfully as stated above, you should be able to transfer any java app from one java phone to another via BlueFTP.

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