How to Turn off User Account Control

User Account Control (UAC) is a security feature built into Windows Vista that is designed to reduce potential security breaches from occurring. This feature carries out its operations automatically. The User Account Control feature forces administrators to carry out operations as if they were regular users that have no administrative privileges. User Account control operates by prompting users for permission when administrative type tasks are being undertaken. These administrative type tasks include but are not limited to installing software, changing settings that affect other users or downloading certain programmes. 

User Account Control enhances the security features on Windows Vista and so should very rarely be turned off or disabled. As a result of the added security, User Account Control should not be turned off except for brief moments such as during presentations. Should User Account Control be disabled, it is recommended that the feature be re-enabled or turned on as soon as is possible.

Guidelines concerning how to turn off User Account Control
First, turn on your computer and wait for it to boot. After computer has been successfully booted, go to your start menu at the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Some computers will simply have an icon to represent this feature but you can easily identify it anyway.

After clicking Start, look to the right of the pop-up menu for the Control Panel option. When found, select it. After the Control Panel is visible select the User Accounts and Family Safety or the User Accounts option depending on how it appears on your screen. If the User Account and Family Safety option is selected, users will then select the User Account option which will now appear on screen.
After selecting the User Accounts, users should click the Turn User Control Account On or Off option. Users may be prompted to provide and administrative password and or confirmation. Users should go ahead and type in the relevant password and confirm.
After confirmation, users should select the Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your Computer option by checking the check box to turn the feature on or de-selecting the same to turn the feature off.
Tips and Warnings
Users who simply wish to not be prompted each time they are about to carry out administrative tasks, should not attempt to turn off the User Account Control feature, but should instead endeavor to become accustomed to the promptings as it is a feature put in place to help protect one’s own computer from possibly harmful and dangerous activity, such as installing and activating unwanted or otherwise unauthorized programmes. This is particularly true when the computer is being used by multiple accounts and as administrator wishes to ban or force non-administrative users from engaging in certain types of behaviors and from using certain kinds of programs.
Users are to remember that the User Account Control feature is a security feature and as such disabling or turning off the same can and often does result in the unauthorized use of varying software and programmes that may or may not be welcomed by the administrator were the privileges left solely to him or her. Administrative privileges and the permission to undertake certain tasks should be left solely to the computer administrator.

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