Is Your Computer Consuming Too Much Internet Data? Here is How to Fix It

My old HP Compaq nx 7400 was consuming very low internet data and i seems to love it that way because, i could use only 50MB to publish almost five articles on my blog for two days. Unfortunately, the PC screen got spoilt so i decided to buy a brand new Acer PC then it started consuming a lot of internet data whenever i use my network modem to browse. And Below is what i did to reduce the consumption of internet data on the PC.

First of all, when i want to use a very low internet data to check my emails and update my blog, i would disable my anti-virus automatic updates program, disable some of my software which are activated to update automatically, and also set my windows update to remind me when whenever a new windows update is available to download and install.
The second step i used to do was to Launch the Task Manager on my computer. To launch it, Right click on the Task bar and select ''Task Manager'' or press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL to start the Task Manager. 

If you are using Windows 8, click more details to reveal the full settings, then click Services on the menu. As seen in the picture below.
Then select Background Intelligence services and stop it from running. Right-click on it and select Stop. That’s all. You should also stop other programs that you think are consuming your data from running. 
Note if you have Acer product package installed on your system, you shouldn't forget to uninstall the program too. It waste your data updating unreasonable software all the time. I hope this info help you? Feel free to share this post with your friends of drop us a comment below. Thanks.

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