Make Money Online From Addynamo Twitter Sponsored Tweets

Ad Dynamo Twitter sponsored Tweets is among one of the ways to make money online. I have been earning good money from Addynamo twitter Sponsored for 2 years now. If you are looking for a way to make money online, I suggest you should give this a try.

Addynamo pays you for each tweet you send to your twitter. It works with your twitter account. So for you to make money with this, you must have a twitter account with good number of people following you. The bigger the number of followers, the better chance of having tweets approved.

How does it works
After signing up with Addynamo, go to “My Account/ Twitter” to link your twitter account to Ad Dynamo account.

Then from time to time, you will be receiving email notification from Ad Dynamo letting you know that a new campaign is waiting for you to tweet.

Just login to your Ad Dynamo account, you will see the tweet, then you need to rewrite the tweet to something you think that is better, enter how much you want to be paid for the tweet and submit. The Advertiser will then look at the tweet you drafted and  how much you are asking for, before he / she decides whether to approve it or not. If the advertiser approves it, the tweet appear in your twitter timeline and your Ad dynamo account will be credited with the amount you charged.

Once you reach their Payment Threshold which is $50, the total money you earned will be paid into your bank account.
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