Reasons Why Bad Guys Get More Ladies

Reasons Why Bad Guys Get More Ladies

isn't it funny how the guy who's arrogant ,rude and acclaimed flirt and loud mouthed with zero regards for women seems to get all the girls running into his arms,while the polite and sensitive guy would be lucky to have one girl look his way?

is it that most women have an addiction to being treated badly,or what?

Researchers suggest that bad guys indeed beat "nice guys" when it comes to getting females attention. Here are some of the reasons.

1. I want to fix him-women always feel the need to repair something. Regardless of the unacceptable behavior of a bad boy may have,women still feel they can change him.

2. The law of attraction - opposite poles attracts while like poles repel. This also applies to women. A good girl finds herself drawn to that man who is everything she is not,infact her opposite.

3. What is he thinking - Mystery keeps women coming back, when a woman can't predict what a guy is thinking,or his next action,they become more intrigued.

4. Save me - when a woman is in distress, she would love her man to show up and play superman. most bad guys most often are up to the task.

5. Sexy confidence - Most bad guys exude charisma and confidence ,which is a magnet for women.

6. Blurred reality - after seeing several movies where a bad boy hero finally finds love after saving a damsel from distress,women begin drawn to bad guys.

Reasons Why Bad Guys Get More Ladies

7. Come alive - excitement,fun,spontaneity! all these words can be found in the bad boy vocabulary. women crave something different from their regular lifestyle .

8. Good looks and charm - good guys are good looking too, but bad guys take more time and effort to look dashing ,women find this irresistible.

9. Givers and takers - women generally feel the need to give care,nurture, care .etc. They are generally giver of attention. A bad guy on the other hand is a receiver, he's naturally a taker which motivates women to do more.

10. Win the trophy - women don't like push over guys . they would rather have the man all ladies wanted ,they feel a sense of satisfaction in being the winner of the prized gift .

Criticism is welcomed .

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