Resize Pictures and Images Online

So i was looking for a software i could use to resize images but couldn't find a better one. I tried stretching images with Corel draw and other software but it rather makes the pictures loose it's sharpness, brightness and quality which makes it become blur.

 Then i did a little research on and found this amazing website that resize any type of picture online without losing it's quality.

So How To Resize Pictures Online?

1. Go to  and click to select the picture to upload from your computer or from the web,

2. Then click on upload,

3. Your picture will be uploaded to the website.

4. To resize the image, click on the drop down arrow and select custom size, as seen in the picture below.
5. Then enter your width and height either in pixels or percent and then click on the Process Image Red button below it.

Violaa! your resized image will display.

If you want to share it on Facebook, click on the share on Facebook  button below or Right-click on the picture and Select Save Image as to save your picture on your computer.

I hope this info helps.

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