Ways to Earn with adf.ly – passive and recurring income!

Adf.ly is a program which allow you to make money online shortening links. It is sometimes misunderstood because it makes few cents per view at beginning. But it is a program which can generate you thousands of dollars each month. It has a low minimum payout: $5; It has flexible payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer and Payza. It is a legitimate program which pay; and it pays daily. Let’s see some smarts ways to earn huge money with adf.ly.

Let’s remind that you can earn with adf.ly through links. Because the concept of internet is around web pages and services interlinked, your revenue is theoretically limitless. That being said, let’s talk about adf.ly itself.

What is adf.ly?
Adf.ly is a shortening services which allow you to make your URL shorter.  You turn your long like your-website-long-url.com into a short link like http://adf.ly/. It can be used for social sharing, image annotation and any usage where short URL is better than long one.
It is also an ad network. Publishers earn money sharing shortened URLs on the internet. Advertisers promote their products through in-header banner or interstitial page. Unlike other ad networks, you can make money with or without a website with this ad network.
How it works?

It is simple. When your shorten a URL, visitor has to watch a full page advertisement for at least five seconds. Or, you can opt for a less intrusive option. You only show a banner at top of your page that user can close easily.
You are paying per CPM or cost per thousand views. You earn up to $10 per 1000 views of your links. You get paid through Payoneer, PayPal and Payza.
Smart ways to earn money with adf.ly
You can build an income online with adf.ly either actively or passively. You can turn anything you already do online into cash machine. You can make huge money without a website and even more with one. As always, smart methods make happier money than hard ways.

1.- Shorten links and share online for instant earning.

The main way to earn money with adf.ly is to shorten urls and then share them on the internet. Each time someone visit your link, you accumulate money. A lot of tools are available to you such as:
  • custom domain name: you can easily shorten links with your custom domain name to look professional and increase CTR by increasing trusts.
  • Website Entry script: that show interstitial ads when someone enter your website.
  • Full page ads: which allow you to automatically shorten all links on page and monetize them using JavaScript.
  • Analytics through Google analytics and so on…
Once shortened, either manually or automatically through scripts, you can increase earning by:
  • adding shrinked links on your website to let people discover them and visit them.
  • promote your shortened URLs to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social medias.
  • Add your links on forum discussions and signatures.
  • Add shortened URLs as email signature and more…

2.- Refer friends for lifetime passing and recurring income.

Sometimes, it is difficult to get visit to your own links. If you’re not sharing interesting stuffs that entice people to check out, it may be difficult to you to get huge money by your own effort. But you can still make passive money with adf.ly! Adf.ly allows you to earn by referring people.
Earn 20% of your referred earning for life. It is not passive and residual income for one year but lifetime. So, imagine that you refer 5 person who make $100 each per month and keep earning like that. You will earn $100 without any work month after month.
I once got a referral who made $200 a month making me $40 totally passive. Refer your friends to adf.ly and make money smartly.

Adf.ly payment methods! Is adf.ly legit or scam?

I am a member of adf.ly since 2010. The site payed since that date; and till now, i am receiving payment on time from that company. Yes, adf.ly is legit. here’s a payment proof.

The site is paying through Payoneer, PayPal and Payza.
Payment is made through PayPal and Payza if your account balance reaches $5. payment is made though Payoneer if you have at least $10 in account balance.

Normally, payment is made automatically monthly. You get paid the first week of the time if your revenue met the threshold the previous month. But you can easily request your money manually to be paid daily. You’ll receive your cash in the next 24 hours. If you want to start making money with adf.ly, you just have to create a free account with them and start shrinking URLs.
By the way, you just to increase views to increase earning. Use the smart tips you found in this article to make huge money online.

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