{solved} How to change the URL while Resubmitting Application - Google Adsense Problem

Yesterday I announced that I finally got Google Adsense application to get approved and run on my blog after months of trying.

The problem I had was that I applied once with my old blog URL (in the photo below being mereviewing.blogspot.com) using my main Gmail account (we'll call the Gmail account here X) and my application didn't get accepted after that I ignored Adsense for sometime during which I deleted my old blog but then I decided to use it on my new blog which you are reading this post on now.
 I tried to apply for Google Adsense for my new blog using the same Gmail account X but always got stuck on the screen you see up there, it was very frustrating.

I tried posting on the support forums but the reply I got wasn't very satisfactory because it meant i will have to use another e-mail every time I want to check my Adsense account.

I finally found a solution to the problem yesterday and finally back on track making money.

X is my main Gmail account that didn't get accepted before and that I want to use
Y is an old hotmail address I don't use anymore

What I did to solve the problem and start making money was:

1. I uploaded a video on YouTube
2. Go to video manager on YouTube and choose to monetize the video.
3. It will take you to Adsense to sign in but at this point Choose create a new Adsense account 
4. Use an old e-mail address to signup (a hotmail address we'll call Y but any other will do as well)
5. Your Adsense account with Y is now Active
6. Go to account settings in your new Adsense account
7.When you scroll till the end of the page you'll find an input box and an invite button...here you need to put your main email address that you will use with adsense and click invite, I put in the old E-mail address I was having the problem with X
8. I received a verification E-mail on my Gmail account X and got it verified.
9. Now you will need to add admin privileges to X so what you need to do is sign out of X 
10. Go to Adsense and sign in with Y 
11. Go to account settings again and scroll to the end of the page
12. This time you'll find X listed there and you can tick a check-box next to it to be admin...go ahead and tick the box.
13. Now we have a valid working Adsense account working with the main E-mail X
14. Go back to Blogger and click on earnings tab
15. Click on switch Adsense account which will take you to sign in to Adsense
16. Sign in with X and you'll find the new URL of your blog in the application
17. proceed with the application and after getting approved Ads will start appearing on your blog

*please note that this will be a hosted Adsense account which means you can't use it on your own domain. In order to use it on your own website you need to submit your website for approval through Adsense.

If you have any comments or questions or need further help please let me know in the comments section below this post.
Please post here if this method worked for you.

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