The basic tips in Advertising on Ad Dynamo Platform

As you are already aware, Ad dynamo is pay per Click program that allows advertiser to market their services while publisher make money by placing the advertisers campaigns on their website. As for Advertisers, whether you are advertising your own personal business or for your clients, Ad dynamo is there to accommodate all by allowing you to decide how much you want to set aside for ads after you must have paid the compulsory $7 activation fee. Unlike some other platform, there is no minimum amount you need to spend and there is no maximum amount you have to spend also. You completely have total control of your budget. Its you that will decide how much you want to be charged for each of your ads that get clicked. Once you get a good number of reasonable clicks, Ad Dynamo will then calculate the costs of those clicks based on the amount you have specified for each click, and debit the amount from your method of payment which you had earlier specified when you signed up with Ad Dynamo Advertising Program. You also have the option of setting your daily budget so that you can control how much you spend each day. Once you have reach your set daily budget, Ad dynamo will stop running your campaign for that day. You also have the option to pause or stop your campaign at any time. All these are totally up to you to decide. In case if you are interested to advertise your product or services with Addynmo, here are the steps to take 1) Go to and click on “Start Advertsing” 2) Fill out the form, and select the mode of payment suitable to you and also make sure you have enough money in the account you choose. 3) If you want to start advertising immediately, you can create your first campaign and Addynamo have to approve your payment method. There after, they will debit $7 activation fee. That's all. Got a Question? Use the comment sections. Thanks for reading.

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