Use USB Flash Drive as a RAM to Increase your Pc Speed

In one of my tutorials, how to speed up your computer when it is too slow, i had explain ways in which you can make your computer load fast, if your PC is running too slow due to small RAM size or too many heavy programs installed. I believe you must have encounter one of these problems while working on your laptop or desktop computer. in this tutorials, i will teach you how to use your flash drive as a RAM to enable your PC run faster.

eBoostr is a software that allows you to turn your USB flash drive in to  a RAM. with eboostr installed on your pc, you will make your computer speed like jet and at no cost.
How to Get the Steps
1. Download the eBoostr software here scan it to remove any virus if found.
2. Install it. the software is a trial version so if the program stop working after some hours, just restart your PC and start using it again.
3. After installation, Restart your computer when ask to.
4. Insert your flash drive first after your computer has restarted and then open the eBooster software installed on your PC Note the software requires a USB device of more than 256MB
5. In the program window, go to Edit > Add New Cache Device, you will see your USB disk at the left screen, select and click ok. then it will start caching the memory in your flash drive. see screen shot
You can also click on auto configuration button to allow the program diagnose your PC. after completion click Next, choose the recommended option to increase system performance and click Next.
Now the program will start to cache your memory. i hope feel the difference.
I hope this info helps? feel free to share this post with your friends using the like/share buttons.

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