Virus that turns my Removable drive and Folders into Shortcut Solved!

You may see this occurrence sometimes whenever you insert a removable flash drive, memory card or sometimes folders in your computer whenever your PC is infested with this type of virus. this virus is so annoying and very frustrating. today i will tell you how to correct this problem instead of formatting your flash drive.
1. When your drive or folder suddenly turns into a shortcut folder and it is sized 1kb, do not delete it, just Right click on it and select Rename while the folder is highlighted, do not select anything other than ctrl C and carefully move the cursor to the upper pane and you will see ?:// where ? represent A,B,C,D,E etc Depending on the alphabet your removable drive is named. press ctrl V while the pane has been highlighted and hit enter. after that you will see your original folders and files. just make a copy of it and paste it some where then scan extracted folders and files with an updated Antivirus.
2. If you have the back up files of the removable drive, then use this method. Insert your flash drive and be careful not to open it in your computer or else this method will not work. click on My computer = Right click and select Format. tick Full Format that all the virus is gone.
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