What Challenges Do Windows Mobile App Developers Face?

Chances are good that when you think about mobile apps, your first thought concerns either iOS or Android. However, there are other contenders out there, though they might not be quite as well established. One of those is Windows – Windows mobile app developers face quite a few hurdles. What are those challenges? What’s the long-term outlook like for Windows Mobile app development as a whole?

Few Phones
Once upon a time, Windows was one of the biggest names in mobile phone technology thanks to their partnership with companies like Samsung and Sony Ericsson. However, that’s changed today. Windows was a little slow on the uptake and the advent of the iPhone and the slew of Android devices to hit the market really made a dent in the company’s offerings. In fact, there are currently very few phones on the market that run Windows in a smartphone environment. That’s changing, though. Windows phones will become more available as time goes on.
Few Apps
The second challenge faced by Windows mobile app developers is both a blessing and a curse. In comparison to iOS and Android, there are very few apps available for the Windows operating system. On one hand, that means that apps have little competition, boosting profitability. On the other hand, that limits the number of consumers adopting the platform – today’s customer wants to have access to the widest range of apps possible, and Windows just doesn’t fit that bill. It’s something of a catch-22 situation.
Slow Phone Adoption
Yet another hurdle faced by Windows mobile app developers involves the relatively slow adoption of the operating system by consumers. A comparison between Windows users and those who have already adopted the iPhone or an Android device shows a significant skew against Windows. However, that might change considerably with new phones coming to market, as well as the potential Windows tablet device. More consumers will be willing to adopt the platform with related devices that can interconnect with each other, particularly users who own a PC but use iOS mobile devices.
Windows mobile app developers face several challenges right now. However, those challenges are certainly not insurmountable, and the platform is making inroads in the market. While it will take time for Windows to start whittling away at the Android and iOS user bases, it will certainly happen, and when it does, some companies might be very surprised.

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