Whatsapp Voice Call Now Available | Make Free Calls With Your Phone

Few months ago, Whatsapp promised to introduce the free voice call features in it's next application update and now, the Whatsapp voice call is made available in its latest version. And you will learn how to activate the voice call features on your Whatsapp chat app and start making free calls. Skype has been the best voip service providers to most people out there but i think with the new features of Whatsapp voice call been introduced recently, majority will prefer whatsapp because the voip telephone service which is the voice call features is currently free as am writing this post.

Well enough rumbling, lets get to the point. Everybody knows how whatsapp has contributed in making communication very easy, simple and cheap.

With the new voice call features which was released in the latest version of the app early this month, you will spend nothing when making voice calls. The Whatsapp free voice calling is available for Android devices as of now.

How To Activate Whatsapp Voice Call and Make Free Calls With It

1. You will have to enable Unknown Sources on your Android device. to do this, Tap on Settings, then scroll to Security, then check or tick Unknown Sources. Thats all.

2. If your Whatsapp app is not up-up-date, update it to the latest version at www.whatsapp.com

3. Now ask someone who already has the Whatsapp voice calling features on his or her whatsapp to make a call through to you with the whatsapp app.

4. The whatsapp call features will be activated once you receive the call.

5. Now you will see three tabs at the top of your whatsapp interface for Calls, Chats and Contacts.

6. Voice Calling has been enabled on your Whatsapp app.

So How Do I Make Calls Now?

To make calls with your whatsapp after enabling the voice call,

Go to your contact and click on any whatsapp contact, then tap the call button at the top right corner
 It will start buzzing at the contact's phone you are calling.

That's all. I hope you will enjoy the whatsapp voice call features.

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