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25 Quotes From Blogging Experts At West Africa Bloggers Conferenc. 

Most internet expert regard Blogging as a new media which refers to the act of posting content on a blog (a Web log or online journal) or posting comments on someone else's blog.
Randy Duermyer in one of his article on "Why Blogging is so Popular" states that , Blogging is very popular today because it allows people to interact with each other. Blogging has also become a popular search engine optimization (SEO) tool because search engines like Google and Yahoo know that a blog is frequently updated with content or visitor comments, so their spiders visit blogs frequently looking for new content to include in their index.

However at the just concluded West Africa Bloggers Conference, which was organised by GistMate Communications Limited 15 and 16 of May 2015 actually delivered as promised. The speakers who presented at the event are :

Clara Okoro (MD Brand World Media)
Tomi Ogunlesi – Brand Manager of First Bank Nigeria
Ayo Oyebade (MD Advert Strikers LTD and CEO GistMate Communications LTD)
Alaezi Akpuru (Style Consultant Jumia Nigeria)
Lanre Aina – Google Nigeria (Business Development)
Bayo Adekambi (CMO MTN) and many more

1.Building relationships with other fellow bloggers and website owners is the best thing you can do for your online presence.
2.The choice of niche is important because it has a direct impact
3.Almost every Nigerian blogger wants to be like Linda Ikeji, make up your mind to stand out and be YOURSELF... Create YOU
4.The collective reality of a nation is shaped by writers; this is why every nation needs bloggers." Bayo Adekanbi
5.Everything you write it is exposed to 7 billion people. Bloggers have the future in their hand
6.Connect with your audience through stories people love.-Shafqat Islam
7.Fashion Niche is huge market for bloggers - Alaezi Akpuru
8.Invest in promoting your blog - take it to ur audience - they won't come to you. Seun Adenuga (JUMIA)
9.To understand customers, you need to understand their culture - Franklin Ozekhome
10.An idea of a Travel Blog has a potential of accumulating more serious and business-minded audience
11.Reduce your bounce rate. Avoid shitty traffic - it'd kill ur blog. It's not how much, it's how real. Uyi (SMILE)
12.Shitty traffic will kill your blog if you don't get careful #wabclagos2015
13.To promote your blog - Create a trend, or at least jump on one. Seun Adenuga (JUMIA)
14.You can't be all things for all men - Carve a niche for yourself/brand/blog - Tomi Ogunlesi (FBN)
15.Read more and use quality images on your blog - Mr. Bayero Agabi
16.Invest in promoting your blog - take it to your audience - they won't come to you. Seun Adenuga (JUMIA) #WABCLagos2015
17.Great writers dig, dig and dig until they find gold.
18.You either write something that is worth reading about or do something that is worth writing about. – Benjamin Franklin
19.Be persistent with what you do.The blog as we know it is a dying phenomenon that is gradually giving way to “vlogging”, which is video blogging.You can create videos that can be monetized on Youtube and also used to drive traffic to your blog.

25 Quotes From Blogging Experts At West Africa Bloggers Conference.

20. A blogger should be guided by these 4 M’s:
Meaning – Give meaning to what you are doing and separate yourself from the crowd.
Management – Think and act like a businessman because Blogging is serious business. Try to create something that would make your visitors come back.
Monetization – You need to know how to monetize your blog and make money from it.
Measurement – Measure your progress (Alexa ranking, positive comments, writing mood and so on)
21. A blogger should know the following:

Brands want to create content
How to Gain Brand exposure
How to Engage & Educate
How to influence purchasing behaviour of their audience
Improve Brand discoverability
Know that there’s a responsibility on you for the nation as regards the content you put online
About 43% of Nigerians access the internet on mostly mobile only, 29% do mobile only, while about 5% use the desktop only. Therefore, the focus for generating content should be on mobile.

22.Go beyond your content sell your methodology , Give your brand a voice outside your digital space -. Franklin Ozekhome

23. You must stands out for something to make a meaning - Alero ladipo (CMO SMILE NIGERIA)

24.Always think quality over sensalisalism- Tomi Ogunlesi (FBN)

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