8 Foods That Increases Sperm Count

Its funny how most men don't know the difference between sperm and Fluid, let me explain it, Fluid is the whitish,sticky liquid or fluid produced from a male sex organ while sperm is a microscopic cell found swimming in the Fluid (i hope i was able to differentiate it without confusing you) ok! let's continue...... most men produce Fluid without the sperm being present, that is when we use the term "shooting blank" this is why most men can't make babies (no offence please).

Enough said before we get more confused, let's talk about the food that can increase the volume of the sperm and keep it healthy:

A) Banana: as i said before in my last post banana contains an enzyme called bromelain which controls sex hormones and also contains vitamins like A,B and C which promote sperm production and helps the body provide stamina.

B) Garlic: garlic is rich in allicin which promotes blood circulation in the genitals and strengthens the sperm, also with the presence of vitamin b6 and selenium which controls the secretion of sex hormones and reduces sperm damage.

C) Milk/Yoghurt: boost your calcium intake with yoghurt, milk and salmon, these also contain vitamin D which also helps to increase Fluid volume.

D) Dark Chocolate: dark chocolate contains an active ingredient L-arginine HCL, a strong amino acid that helps to increase Fluid volune and raise sperm count.

E) Eggs: eggs which helps in promoting fertility, also increases sperm count , it also contains vitamin E which prevents tissue degenerating of the testicles. Eggs are also rich in antioxidants that protects the cell.

F) Chicken/Beef: mineral zinc can be found in beef and chicken which increases Fluid volume, testosterone levels and protects the sperm from free radicals.

G) Fruits /Vegetables: fruits like strawberry and oranges which are rich in antioxidants, increases sperm motility, prevents Fluid clumping and improves possibility of fertilization. Fruits or vegetables rich in folic acid eg: spinach strengthens the sperm and prevents sperm damage.

H) Walnuts: walnut not only rich in arginine but also rich in omega 3 fatty acids which has been found to increase sperm count, improve blood flow, helps in fertility and also contains antioxidants that reduces the risk of heart diseases and protect the body from various diseases. Lastly..... water which improves the functioning of sperm and helps the body to increase sperm count.

We now know what to eat to increase sperm count and while doing these things we should be able to avoid some things which helps to destroy and weaken sperm cells and also emulate a suitable and healthy lifestyle, which are:

Cutting back on your intake of smoking and alcohol

Stop overheating your testicles, avoid wearing tight pants or boxers, these generate heat and prevents the testicles from producing enough sperm.

Cut back on daily sex or masturbation as it reduces sperm count, it helps to increase sperm count production.

Avoid exposure to chemical toxins and radiation.

Avoid your intake of sugary food.

Avoid the intake of soy drinks / food as they contain oestrogen which is good for the women but bad for a man as it reduces sperm count.

Exercise regularly but not too much, make sure to have enough rest, avoid stress.

While you embark on this journey, i urge you to visit a doctor and get tested. Some causes of weak sperm can also be a sign of STI. Once again I am inviting you to join my bbm channel with this pin: C0040CE1F. I would love you all to drop your comments and share your ideas as it will help other readers. Have a wonderful Thursday

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