change your lifestyle to prevent bosom cancer.

Dear ladies, here are top ways on how you can change your lifestyle to prevent bosom cancer.

Studies evaluating the causative factors of bosom cancer have indicated that physical activity in the form of exercising plays a significant role in lowering the chances of developing bosom cancer.

Losing Added Calories
If you are overweight and fall in the obese category, then your chances of developing bosom cancer are substantially high, studies have revealed.

Controlling Alcohol Consumption
Increased alcohol consumption has been linked with a higher risk of developing bosom cancer.

Increasing bosom-Feeding Habits
Mothers of new-born babies have a greater chance of keeping bosom cancer at bay as studies show that bosom-feeding, if continued for a period of at least one year, might decrease the risk of developing cancer.

Maintaining An Overall Healthy Lifestyle
Despite the fact that the risk posed by established factors can hardly be modified, maintaining a healthy lifestyle by making wholesome health choices surely go a long way in lowering bosom cancer risk.

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