Funny Reasons Nigerian Ladies Turn Down Marriage Proposal From Guys

Even though there seems to be much noise about scarcity of husband in the country, many single ladies are still turning potential suitors down for some reasons I think are funny and trivial.

In this short article, I want to hear peoples' varied view on these reasons; please feel free to add to the list because I am only listing out the ones I have heard or read about.

Below are the reasons:

1. Religion: in as much as I believe in partners sharing same religious belief, it becomes worrisome for a girl to reject a marriage proposal from her boyfriend or new man simply because he is not of the same religious denomination with her.

E.g. A girl who attends Winners Chapel turning down a guy because he attends Redeem, Assemblies of God, Jehovah's witness, etc.

I can understand Aisha, a Muslim girl turning down Tunde or Emeka a Christian, but Tina turning down James or Peter who share same Christian religious faith with her but different denomination sounds funny to me.

2. Community or State of origin:
As funny as it may sound, many won't believe that so many single ladies are still single today not entirely because quality single men aren't coming to ask their hands in marriage, but because they keep turning guys from other communities and States down while waiting for a Prince Charming from their hometown or state of origin.

I have noticed that this is more common amongst Anambra ladies, and whenever I hear such, I just shake my head because while these single ladies are busy waiting for Nnamdi, Emeka, Uche from their community or State, Emeka, Nnamdi and Uche are getting married to girls from far states like- Osun, Oyo, Benue, Kogi...and the ladies keep waiting for them, it sounds funny to me.

Ladies, why limit your chances by striking off guys from some communities and states? No one community or state have same character and trait.

Because Julius from Ondo divorced his wife after two months of marriage doesn't mean that Ayo from Ondo will do the ladies please wise up and stop stereotyping for your own good.

3. Height: in as much as height matters in selecting a partner, some ladies seem to be so carried away by this height of a thing.

If you are up to 5ft7, marrying a man of 5ft7 or 5ft8 isn't bad at fact marrying a man of 5ft6 isn't bad if he has some other great qualities....remember, height won't guarantee your happiness in marriage.

In fact, after spending some time (say 2years), the physical look of your partner may become inconsequential to you because plenty other factors will set in.

And short men don't always give birth to short offspring...if his family have a trait of tallness (if at all such word exist in English dictionary, lol), he will most likely give birth to tall children.

4. His manhood size:
As funny and unbelievable as it may sound, so many single ladies of today have rejected their boyfriends marriage proposal simple because he's not big enough down there. These class of ladies forgot that size doesn't guarantee absolute satisfaction during intimate activities; according to modern research on this.

5. Academic qualification:
Agreed, every lady dreams of dating or marrying a nerd or an intellect, but most times, academic qualification or class of degree doesn't always prove a man's level of intelligence, smartness, neither does it prove he's a nerd.

Some 3rd class graduates are more creative, witty than some 1st class graduates.

Some masters degree holders are more intelligent, learned than some professors.

Some OND holders are more smarter, productive and intelligent than some guys who graduated from Ivy League universities.

Most times its luck, opportunity, family background and life's unforseen uncurrences that land some guys into having the low academic qualification they have, but given time, they may end up higher than the guy with a 1st class today.

So ladies, give guys a fair chance because its not always about degree and qualification; some men who didn't pass through the walls of higher institution today are employing the so-called graduates from top global universities and such will keep happening till the world ends.

5. Position in the family:
I have heard that ladies do turn down a guy's marriage proposal because of his position in the family; mostly because he's the first born child or the first son.

But why?

6. Profession or type of job:
I won't stress much on this because I won't entirely blame ladies, but sometimes when I hear it, it sounds funny to me and doesn't hold water because guys marry ladies irrespective of their profession or type of job. In fact, guys marry even broke, jobless girls, so why discriminate against guys when it comes to their own profession or type of job? What's good for the goose is also good for know na? Lol

6. Place of meeting:
I have heard that some ladies will never marry a guy they met in a certain place, location or environment.

Though guys are also guilty of this, but to me, it sounds funny because where you meet people doesn't matter, what matters is how they behave, their character and personality...because the guy you met in a club maybe more disciplined and focused than that guy you met in the church choir or mosque.

I would love to see ladies start reasoning beyond certain things.

Because you met a guy on the social media or internet, you just write him off as a marriage potential, why? Don't you know its the same people you see going around the street and in church that are also using the internet? Are those ones online ghost?

You can meet your partner anywhere at any time....don't pre-programme your mind as to where you will meet your partner.

Many ladies believe they will meet their partner in their workplace; big mistake, some believe he is in their church; another great mistake, while some plan to meet him at the airport, in certain highbrow environments where they believe rich guys come....please re-programme your mind now!

You can meet your partner in a public bus (most happy couples met like this), on the road, in the market, online (many have), in the bank (also possible), shopping mall, etc. The ideal thing is; free your mind and give guys a fair chance irrespective of where u met them cos you never can tell.

7. Poor English:

This is the funniest of all to me, lol.

Because he can't speak Queens English and form Americana, you just tell him: NO! Lolz

Will speaking Queens English put food on the table? I doubt

Will speaking Queens English make him to treat you like a queen, I doubt.

And Nigerian ladies must also understand that English is not Nigeria's mother tongue...Russians, Germans, French guys, Chinese, Japanese guys don't speak English o...if he can communicate effectively, why the fuss about phonetic English speaking?

Dear ladies, please help yourselves and also help the guys and make life easier for all.

Note: I only felt like sharing my opinion on this issue as a way of enlightening single ladies so that they can make amendments and corrections where necessarry for the benefit of both genders. Let's try and make life easier for ourselves by letting go some funny characters and mindset.

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