How to Add Twitter Followers Box Widget To Blogger

How to Add Twitter Followers Box Widget To Blogger

It is a similar type of widget as a Facebook like box. You can get facebook like box widget from directly facebook site, but for twitter followers box there is not any facility provided by twitter to ad twitter followers box to your site or website.Many blogger have been waiting for this great application, that allows your visitors to follow you via twitter without leaving your site. It's called Twitter Follower Box or Twitter Fan Box. It works like and is closely based on Facebook fan/Like box algorithm.

Follow Below Steps To Add Twitter Fan Box To Your Bloggers Box  

1. Go to blogger > Design (layout For New Bloggers)

2. Click on Add a Gadgets/Widget  (where You want to put the twitter fan box)

3. Now select Html/Javascript option.

4. Paste the code below inside it


5. Now Replace the blezzy with your twitter username and adjust the width and height        as per your adjustment
6.Save your widget and you are done!

The widget will looks like below image

If you have any query, Then please leave us a comment. 

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