Way To Add Website To Google Chrome Appstore And Get Traffic To Ur Site

Way To Add Website To Google Chrome Appstore And Get Traffic To Ur Site

This tutorial explains step by step how to add your web site (as a web app) to the Google Chrome Store. I suggest you also read: benefits of adding your web site to chrome to get an idea about the Chrome app store and the multiple benefits gained by making your web site
available through the store.

Make sure that before you start the process you have the
following items ready:
1. You need to be the verified owner in Google
Webmaster Tools for the site you want to add as a
web app in the Chrome web store. If not http://Google.com/webmasters"> Verify Your
site first.

2. An icon of your web site. The size should be 128×128
and the format png. The filename of your icon should
be “icon_128.png”

3. A description about your web site. Try to be brief but
specific. Why should someone add your web site to
Chrome? What kind of services do you offer? Etc. The
limit is 15000 characters.

4. At least 2 screenshots. Can be either 1280×800 or

5. Very important: You also need 2 promotional images.
One should be 440×280 and the other 920×680 in size.
Try to make your promotional images attractive so
that users will click on it and if they like it, add it to
their Chrome.

Way To Add Website To Google Chrome Appstore And Get Traffic To Ur Site

6. You also need to have a zip file ready with the
manifest file and icon. It’s a bit technical work but
have everything ready for you below:

7. Copy the text below and paste into notepad.
"manifest_version": 2,
"description": "ADD DESCRIPTION (70
"version": "",
"icons": {
"128": "icon_128.png"
"app": {
"urls": [
"launch": {

1. Change the NAME and DESCRIPTION to match your
web site details, as well as URLS and WEB_URL.

2. Save the file as manifest.json

3. Create a zip file with name myapp.zip that will contain
your icon file (icon_128.png) and the manifest.json
created above. If you are using Windows the easiest
way to create the zip file is to select both items in
Windows Explorer, right click and select SEND TO – >

Once you have the zip file ready you can continue with
the steps below.
Adding your web site as a web app to

1. Go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/developer/">GOOGLE CHROME DEVELOPER
dashboard and login with your Google account.

2. If this is your first visit, click the link at the bottom of
the page, PAY THIS FEE NOW to pay the $5 fee. Once
you have completed the payment you can continue
with the rest of the steps.

3. Click the ADD NEW ITEM button.

4. You will be asked to select a zip file. Click the
CHOOSE FILE button and select the zip file created
using the instructions above (myapp.zip)

5. Click the UPLOAD button to finish the upload process.

6. You will then be asked to write the description, upload
the icon file, screenshots and promotional images,
select category and keywords.

7. Towards the button of the page you can also enter
your Google Analytics ID so that you get statistics in
your Analytics account.

8. That’s it, you can now click the PUBLISH CHANGES
and it is a matter of minutes for your web app to be
made available in the store!

Note: When you are logged it to Google, you can see your
web apps under YOUR APPS option from the left menu. If
you want to see how your apps look in the listings you
have to logout of your Google Account.

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