How to connect MTN BIS to your PC and Android Devices using Simple Server for unlimited free browsing

How to connect MTN BIS to your PC and Android Devices using Simple Server for unlimited free browsing

Do you know that you can enjoy free and unlimited internet browsing and downloads on your PC using your MTN BIS package for your Blackberry device? Sometime ago, the MTN BIS with PD Proxy, Simple Server and Tunnel Guru stopped working. However, the issues have been fixed once again by software experts. As I am talking to you now, I am enjoying my unlimited free browsing package on my computer after connecting my MTN BIS plan to my PC using the Simple Server Software.

There are cheapest data plans for MTN, ETISALAT, GLO and AIRTEL Networks but the MTN BIS Free Browsing on PC with Simple Server is the best for me. You can even connect the MTN BIS + Simple Server solution to your Android phones and start enjoying your free unlimited internet browsing. Not only that, you can also make unlimited file downloads on your PC and Android Devices with this MTN BIS and Simple Server combination.
The latest settings for the MTN BIS and Simple Server Free internet browsing on Android and PC are as follows:
·         First of all, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE LATEST VERSION OF SIMPLE SERVER SOFTWARE FREE OF CHARGE. Once you download it successfully, unzip it from the folder and use as your password.

·         Now, subscribe your Blackberry device to the BB 10 Plan.

ü  For the daily plan, recharge your SIM Card with a N100 MTN recharge PIN and text BBMIDID to 21600 or simply dial *216*10#.

ü  Also, you can choose subscribe to the BBLITED plan which goes for N70 only by texting BBLITED to 21600 or dialing *216*7#.

ü  For the monthly BIS package which costs N1,000 only, you can easily subscribe for the plan by recharging your phone with a N1,000 recharge voucher PIN and dialing *216*9# or send BBC to 21600.
Whichever plan you choose to make subscriptions for, just be rest assured that it will work for this free unlimited internet browsing on PCs and Android Devices. As soon as you get a network message that you have been subscribed to the BIS plan of your choice, proceed to the next step below.
·         Launch the unzipped SimpleServer.exe file in a folder and minimize the window from the screen.

·         Make sure that the internet settings on your Blackberry device is set to which is the default MTN APN settings.

·         Open your web browser, choose to browse the internet using your proxy settings, set your Proxy Address to and change your Port to 8080. You can also use this proxy and port settings to run your torrent clients, download manager and all other applications of your choice which can assess the internet using proxy settings.

·         Now, you can start enjoying your Unlimited FREE internet browsing on your PC.

·         As you browse, you will get messages that you have consumed a certain percentage of your MTN BB 10 Data. Simple ignore such messages and keep on enjoying your free browsing on your PC.

·         To activate the unlimited free browsing on your Android device using the MTN BIS with Simple Server Application, retain the old settings which I believe you must have put in place on your phone before now. However, the plan that I have confirmed to be 100% active for this free browsing settings is the BIS BB 10 Package which will cost you N100 as already explained earlier in this post.
The BB 10 BIS plans stated above are no longer unlimited. Right now, the package comes with roughly 5GB internet data. But the good news is that you can still get your free unlimited internet browsing by making subscriptions for the normal MTN BIS packages as follows:
Ø  Send BBCDAY to 21600 if you want to subscribe for the MTN daily BIS plan which will cost you only N100. Make sure you recharge your MTN SIM with N100 before you subscribe.

Ø  Send BBC to 21600 if you want to subscribe for the MTN monthly BIS plan which will cost you only N1,000. Make sure you recharge your MTN SIM with N1,000 before you subscribe.
Cheers as you enjoy this wonderful service. Drop your comments and feedbacks below in the comment section using the comment box for prompt replies, attention, support and assistance.
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