Reasons Why Most Marriages Fail In Nigeria

No marriage is perfect. Every marriage always has its ups and downs. What's important is for couples to work towards building a successful relationship.
But with the number of failed marriage growing rampant these days, it's essential for couples to understand the reasons for these failed marriages and avoid them. 

Below are some of the causes of many failed many marriages.

*Influence Of A Third Party
This is also a major cause of a lot of failed marriages.
A third party can involve a family member, a friend or even a spiritual leader.
The influence of this third party on relationship can't be overlooked. 
There have been cases of people giving wrong advise and manipulation couples into thinking they are not meant for each other, either out of ignorance, or for selfish reasons.

*Lack Of Commitment
The truth is this; if a couple isn't committed to making their marriage work, despite circumstances they face, that marriage won't work.
A lot of couples give up easily. They forget that perseverance and hard work is needed for a marriage to work.

*Getting Married For The Wrong Reasons
If people marry for the wrong reasons, their marriage is bound to fail. There is no two ways about that.
These days, a lot of couples just decide to enter into marriage without a clear understanding of what marriage really is ,and this a major reason why many marriage collapse.

You see people marrying just to belong, to bear the title of "married". Some are pressurized into marriage by their parents, family and peers. Some people allow society to choose when and whether to marry or not.
Some people marry for money, some for beauty. Some marry just to be associated with a particular class or to attain a social pedigree.

What all these people fail to understand is that marriage is for people who are truly in love. Most of the successful marriages out there are between people who know the essence of marriage and who value marriage. People who marry for because they love each other. Because they feel they can't live on this earth without each other. People who want to start a family together and live and die for each other. 

A lot of people fail to take cognizance of the. fact that money, beauty, social status... etc are all superficial, and that one day, they would fade and all that would remain to keep their union strong is the true love they both share.

*Lack Of Compatibility
A couple that is not compatible with each other will never coexist well, and in turn, their marriage will not move forward.
A lot of people tend to ignore the essence and usefulness of courtship.
The courtship period is a period where partners get to know each other better. During this period they would learn whether they are compatible or not.

Even at that, you still see some couples forcing themselves into marriages when they know fully well that they are not compatible with each other.

One key area of that bothers on compatibility is sex. Most times you see a situation where one partner cannot satisfy the other, or a case where a partner is sexually over active or under active and the other partner suffers.

This is another cause for the collapse of a lot of marriages.
When one or both partners fail to uphold their marriage vows to each other, love and trust begins to decline and a break up becomes eminent.

*Habits And Addiction
Some habits and forms of addiction have been proven to be detrimental to the success of most marriages as the other partner is repulsed by such habits
Such habits include drinking, smoking, spending too many nights out, keeping bad friends, nagging and complaining, always abusing and insulting the other partner when angry...etc.

*Spiritual Reasons
We live in a contemporary Nigerian society and as such, we can't leave out the roles spiritual forces and black magic(juju) play in a number of failed marriages.
There is also the issues of ancestral/family causes, spirit husbands and wife and other forms of spiritual manipulation.

Comparing Their Marriages With That Of Others
A lot of couples fail to understand that every marriage is different and that they shouldn't compare their marriages with anyone else's. 
This is because the factors surrounding their marriage is not the same as that surrounding other peoples marriages.

When they start comparing their relationship with that of others, they begin to expect too much from their spouses, and they will start having overly high expectations of what they want from their marriages.
And when those expectations are not met, they begin to feel that the marriage isn't progressing.

I will divide the problems involving money into two categories.
1)The lack of it.
2)Issues involving it's management and use.

1)It is difficult for a marriage to progress if the couple lack the finance to take care of themselves and their needs.
This would lead to a lot of marriage issues, and it would create a lot of friction between couples.
Since the husband is the bread winner of the family, It's always advisable for a man to 
to attain financial stability before venturing into marriage and after that, he and his wife should focus on maintaining a steady source of income.
But sadly, a lot of couples fail in this area and in turn their marriage bears the weight.

2)Most couple tend to have issues with managing funds. Disagreements over financial responsibilities or monetary investments can cause much stress in a relationship often 
These couples are usually unable to handle these issues maturely and with mutual understanding and fairness.

*Not Developing Friendship And 

Friendship is an essential catalyst needed to strengthen relationships.
When that bond of friendship has been developed between a couple, it would be difficult from them to pull apart. 
A lot of couples fail to build and foster friendship between each other.
Most times, they let work, and other external factors affect their closeness and friendship.
They fail to spend quality time with each other,and engage in activities that foster friendship between them. 

*Lack Of Trust
Trust is another key factor that influences the growth of a relationship.
If one or both partners don't develop that bond of trust between each other, it's totally impossible for such a relationship to work.
Couples that don't trust each other lack confidence in the actions and judgments of each other.
They tend to always suspect that their partners might be cheating on them and this creates issues and they begin to develop the mindset that they can no longer stay in a relationship with each other. 

*Lack Of Effective Communication
The importance of effective communication between partners in a relationship cannot be over-emphasized.
Most couples fail to learn to be open and be okay with sharing their thoughts and opinions with each other.. 
They fail to understand that maintaining a strong connection through open communication keeps the bond of love strong in a marriage. Lack of communication can cause two people to gradually drift apart .
Many relationships have failed because of poor communication. Many couples find it hard to express how they feel for each other. They don’t know how to present their needs and they don’t know how to listen carefully. Lack of proper communication creates gaps among couples and leads to misunderstandings of all sort.

*Abusive Relationships
Abuse can coming in different forms.
Such include sexual, physical and emotional abuse
Abuse by either of the spouse is also a major reason why many marriages are fail.
Most times, its women that suffer the load of this abuse.
Physical abuse on women is prevalent here in Nigeria and a lot of marriages have broken down just because of it.
Some men lack self control and respect for their wives and tend abuse her physically at any slight provocation.

A relationship where a partner abuses the other, can never work.

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