Top Paying CPM and CPC Ad Networks For Indian/Asian Traffic

Top Paying CPM and CPC Ad Networks For Indian/Asian Traffic 

Most of the ad networks are usa and uk traffic oriented. If you have good quality of traffic you will high cpm and cpc, but less or even nil for asian traffic. So today i came up with some ad networks which will work on specially asian traffic or give high cpm and cpc for traffic from asia. Well in this post i list out some ad networks which will gives you high cpm and cpc for asian traffic.

Google Adsense is on the top in the list of worldwide ad Network. They will pay you instantly and probably more then any other site. Their minimum payout is 100$ which you can earn even in 15 days if you have a good ammount of traffic. Google adsense pay you for your page impressionfor both for cpm and cpc.Usually they pay as per 1000 impressions of the banners and is called as CPM advertising.Google Adsence is actually owned by Google and is the most reliable CPC you will ever found. 

Recently many of you searching a Best and Legit CPM ads which pay much for asian traffic. So eDomz is one of them. They are into online advertising from 2005 and they are situated at Virginia, US. They are one of the pioneers of the pop under advertising. Along with CPC and CPM ads Pop up ads can be a good option for monetizing your site and can be a good way to get some bucks for newbies as well as pro web masters. You can earn more money and make the profit by simple! You just need to keep a code in your website, which will open advertiser ads in a pop-up window, and you will start earning for every visitor come to your website. Now you can start earning $2-4 for every 1000 unique views.

TribalFusion is one of the few online advertising networks that pay premium CPM rates for each ad viewed on your website. First off; we must stress out that this is not an ad network for beginners, hobbyists or small publishers.Tribal Fusion has very high site requirements to be accepted into the publisher network. Your website must receive a minimum of 500,000 unique visitors per month, must be highly targeted with the content updated on a regular basis, be a professional looking website, have an active user base, have a privacy policy, and adhere to all spam compliancy statutes.

Top Paying CPM and CPC Ad Networks For Indian/Asian Traffic

Komli Media has been on an acquisition spree (acquired Zestadz, Aktiv Digital, Indoor Media, PostClick) and its been reported that that Komli has acquired AdMax, an Asian ad network that offers it’s services in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand,Philippines,bangladesh,srilanka and Vietnam.admax_network_logo Very recently, Komli launched ATOM, a RTB  (real time bidding) platform that provides access to over 10 billion ad impressions per month, over 90 percent reach into India’s online audience (estimated 80 million + users) and coverage across hundreds of thousands of publishers including over 50% of the top 200 publishers in India.With this acquisition, Komli Media will be more than 400 people strong and will service more than 1000 active advertisers across Asia Pacific with a reach of over 150 million unique monthly users, making the company the largest independent media network in the region.

Epom Ad Server for Networks has been exclusively designed to simplify your daily routine and ad serving operations so that you can focus on your business goals and achieve more revenue. Unique Epom solutions for Networks will significantly increase the effectiveness of your business, the reach of your ad network and provide you with numerous additional revenue opportunities.Epom's CPM for display is $0.3-0.5, which is quite notable.also, they have over 9000 advertisers for Indian/Asian traffic, so you can try this ad network.

There are also some ad networks which work on asian traffics but i will not show them in the list. The main reason for not showing them is their low cpm and cpc, and also requirement of very high traffic. If you have very high traffic then you can try admagnet and trikona ad networks which paid you high cpm and cpc for asian traffic.

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