She Dont Want You Again

No mind the title it's meant to emphasize how critical is critical.

1. FAULTING : Look at it 3yrs ago you have been Mr right; mr immaculate and Mr perfect. She has always sees you as an icon,a model an epitome of gentleness.But now you are no more Mr perfect; you can't do a thing without her complaining. You have become the Moses and she must find fault with you as an Israelite. If a Lady keep finding fault with you it's hightime you gave yourself redcardgrin

2. APPRECIATIONS: Before you had get a kiss for any gifts you gave her but these days if you get a thank you you thank your stars. If she is not appreciating then you are depreciating.

3. COMMUNICATION: She had call you just to say 'I miss you'.But these days you no go get a flash. Call her she no dey pick am; ask her Why she had tell you am busy.If she is not communicating she is exterminating.

4. ECCENTRICITY: Strange behaviours that you had asked yourself "am I dreaming?" No you are not dreaming you are expiring.

5. REQUEST: When your girl is no more demanding anything from you not even birthday gifts.I think she is singing "Bye bye To darling"grin

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