10 Things Ladies Put The Blame On When They Have Lost Their Virginity

hummmm our girls and excuses

Without wasting time, let's discuss what they put the blame on

1. They blame it on Rape 
I think should topic the list. Many ladies (if not all) will tell a story of how their boyfriends' friends cousin betrayed their trust and forced them into sex 35 years ago, when in fact, such never happened. *No be today we don dey hear that one jawe* 

He Promised to Marry me 
In recent time, confused ladies use sex as a tool to tie down their men, when in fact, these guys may still dump them. Some of them will blame the lost of their virginity on an illusion that he promised to marry them

He Deceived me 
This should also come second. Many ladies will blame the lost of their virginity on their boyfriends who deceived them. You will hear something like " I thought he actually loved me and I couldn't but give my virginity to him. *madam abeg park well jawe*

It was the Work of the Devil 
Which kind devil be this one again ? Devil ke ? Why would one blame the devil for something done in a conscious state?. A lady once told me that she blamed the devil to have becloud her sense of reasoning to indulge in the act, when the devil in question never even knew her from Adam. *madam, abeg no involve devil 4 dis matter jawe*

He Pressured me for it 
Some of them will blame it on their boyfriends who pressured them to the point that, they couldn't withstand the pressure and suffocation other than give him what he wanted because they wanted to make him happy

6. Nobody is above Mistake 
In as much as it's never a mistake losing your virginity as a guy, why should it be attributed to a mistake as a lady?

7. He Drugged me 
Haba he drugged you bawo ? Some of them will claim that their boyfriends actually drugged or got them drunk to stupor, and unfortunately for them, when they woke up the next morning and discovered that they had been defiled* Abeg dem force u make you sleep him house?*

8. He Threatened me with Break-up 
Yes ! Many ladies will claim that their boyfriends threatened them with a break-up and that put them in no choice other than give him. *So na only the guy d tin go make happy not you?*

9. He used Indecency Movie to lure me into doing it 
This sounds like an exaggeration, but I call tell you that many also use this as an excuse

10. Feel free to add yours.

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