5 Statements Guys Don't Want To Hear From The Ladies

I believe the guys can't deny the fact that they detest some of these statements so much whenever they hear it from their babes of female friends. Some of these statements (when frequently used in a relationship) may lead to breakup or serious fight between couples.

1 I'm broke

Here is a funny way ladies do task guys whenever they need to change their make-up kits, wardrobe, hairstyle and co.. .. .. Some ladies don't even want to care about the financial situation of the dude, they just ask as if the guy is their father's investment company and it's time to start enjoying the benefits of the investment. Abeg (Ma)s make una dey try pity us na grin

2 I'm on my period

I once heard about an incident in which a guy fainted coz his babe told him she was on her period. But we later realized that the main cause of his faint was because he had taken burantashi and trama coz the lady told him she was coming for a visit. God knows some ladies just love using it to punish us tho embarassed

3 Just wait till our wedding night

Despite the fact that this statement is biblical, some of us guys still don't even want to mistakenly hear it from our babe. Abegi, gone are those days when guys wait till wedding night jhare.. .. .. But to be sincere tho, you body is the temple of the lord, it's better you apply wisdomwink

4 I'm pregnant

Some guys sef are funny, you know you are not ready to become a father but you still went ahead to (redi) her, haba! You sef wicked! Only guys who are still depending on their parents or ones who are independent but not ready for marriages do get angry whenever they hear that statement.

5 You are not good on bed

Mehn! This statement is a punch on the jaw for us guys. Imagine! After the whole press-ups and all sorts of styles just to satisfy a lady, she then make that statement, omo na to go find pestle for her grin

Add the rest abeg, i don tire grin
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