8 Things Ladies Do That Make Guys Tag Them Hungry Ladies

Briefly, I shall discuss things ladies do that make guys tag them hungry babes.

1. They see it as guys duty to recharge and subscribe on their lines

An average Nigerian lady is so lazy that her brain is so centred to believe her financial pressure should be mounted on guys. You see them depending on guys for ridiculous things such as data bundle, recharge cards and many more. Guys tag ladies of this nature as hungry ladies.

2. They become moody If the guy has not credit their bank account

I have seen situation where ladies become extremely moody if a guy fails to keep his promise of sending money to their account. They resort into annoying and boring attitudes doing chat by giving monosyllabic response.

3. They hate the Idea of doing dutch on dates

I shake my head most especially to hungry Nigerian Ladies who believe all dates must be sponsored by guys. They believe the idea of doing dutch on dates must be scrap.

4. They deny him sex if he fails to drop money

Some ladies have this notion that guys can only have access to their kitty-cat if only he drops money on such occasion. If that is their notion, then why can't they resort into prostitution?

5. They see all rich guys as husband material

There's nothing bad seeking financial security when going on a date with a dude but some ladies see every rich guys as husband material even if their money was made from robbery, yahoo yahoo and rituals. Ladies with this belief are synonymous to hungry girls.

6. They request for gifts in every occasion

Hungry Ladies believe guys must offer them gift on every occasion aside their birthday which includes independence day, new month wishes, festive reasons and even traditional celebration like sango day. The most annoying thing is during the guy's birthday, they purchase "tokunbo" boxers, singlets and handkerchief as a gift for him.

7. They always look for car lifts

This attitude is common to hungry ladies who always look for someone with car to pick them. Sighting them is easy on the road side as they put on heavy make up, dark specs and all that. The moment any big jeep park few metres from their position, you will see them chasing the jeep like jaguar.

8. They eat like glutton on a date

Guys detest ladies who eat as if there is no tomorrow when on a date as they are seen as hungry girl. Some of them go as far as ordering foods (take away) for their friends, family members, siblings, and enemies.

9. They are quick to Rubbish and Bash Nairaland guys

They often say they are only here to catch, therefore, no guy here is worth dating. They see every guy here as a dude who has no ambition, dreams and goals offline

10. They Ask for Monetory Promise Before They Open Their Legs

New generation girls have been programmed in such a way that their brains are wired to believe that sex is a favour, so they use it as a manipulative tool to extort money from guys. You will even hear some of them boastfully saying a guy cannot even see their bra, not to talk of what they have under their skirts, in as much as he has not spent to their satisfaction

Make I add this bonus

11. They only message you when they need financial assistance

You should have quite a few number of them in your BBM or whatsapp list. Even if you update, "I'm at the point of death" as status, they won't even care to ask what prompted you to have posted such a terrible update. But when they post you, you should be sure that they need to renew their BIS or need to recharge their phones

This reminds me of a lady who deleted me from her BBM for failure to send her MTN N50 credit she needed to make an urgent call. Oooboi !!!!, the next thing I saw was, this contact is no longer in your list

May God deliver us from ladies of nowadays, and may He open our inner eyes to decipher the few good ones from the over populated ones flooding the nation

Good girls are getting close to extinction

They are so confused that I doubt if God Himself understands them cool

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