Facts About Car Tyres You Must Know

I have some important info i wana bring to your notice about car tyres. Its quite important because our safety depends on it.

Ever wonder what the numerous codes written on tyres mean? This codes helps buy the right tyre. Also it can save your lives. Yes! Save your life, literally. Now this what i mean, those codes contains information about type of vehicle to be used with it, Car tyre expiration date, size of rim, load and speed ratings.
Using a wrong tyre can cause fatal accident. 

Now these codes
can save your life.

Tires will have something similar like this printed on its sides. For
example P205/60R16 90H.
Now lets examine each letter and its meaning.


P mean its used be used with Passenger vehicle, T on the other
hand means Truck vehicles.
This followed by a three digit number
215 in these case means the width of the tyre. 215 mm


Then the two digit number which stands for the Aspect Ratio. It
is the ratio of the height of the tire’s cross-section to its width.
The number 60 means the height is equal to 60% of the width of
the tire.


Next is the R which stands for Radial. This means the layers run
radially across the tire.


The next two digit number stand for the Wheel diameter. It is
the size of the wheel(rim) to be used with it.


Next two digits is the load index. Load Index shows the
maximum load that the tire can support when inflated properly.
You can also find the maximum load on the tire sidewall in both
LBS pounds and KG kilograms.


Finally the last letter is the Speed Rating, Which is the maximum
speed the tyre can run. this letter s a code. In this case H stands
for 210KMPH
Other speed rating codes and their meaning
M = 130 kmph
N =140 kmph = Spare Tires
P = 150 kmph
Q = 160 kmph = Winter Tires
R = 170 kmph = Truck Tires
S = 180 kmph = Cars and Minivans
T = 190 kmph = Cars and Minivans
U = 200 kmph = Sport Performance Cars
V = 240 kmph = High Performance Cars
W = 270 kmph = Ultra High-Performance Cars
Y = 300 kmph = Ultra High-Performance Cars

Once again this information can save your life, always buy the right tyre.

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