How to link a Domain name Purchased from the DomainKing Registrar to your Blogger Blog

How to link a Domain name Purchased from the DomainKing Registrar to your Blogger Blog

DomainKing is one of the few Domain name registrars out there on the internet which offers you as a webmaster or online content manager / administrator a very good opportunity to register your desired domain name at very affordable prices. For as low as a normal price of N850 and even a promo price of N500 only, you can comfortably register a domain with the platform and be assured of their steady and high quality services as far as keeping your name online at all times is concerned.
In this brief and simple tutorial session today, I will teach the webmasters and Blogspot bloggers among you how to link your registered DomainKing domain names to your blogger blogs with ease. So if you have not registered your domain name yet, go and quickly do so and join this discussion as soon as you can. Once you are ready, take the following steps and successfully link your new domain to your blog:

• Log into your DomainKing Account and click on the "My Domains" button on your dashboard.

• On the resulting page, you will see a small arrow pointing beside your registered domain names. Simply click on any of them which you specifically want to link to your Blogspot blog.

• Now, you have to visit the Management Tools section and carefully scroll down until you see a button labelled "DKNG DNS & Free Email Panel". Click on it.

• Locate the "Manage DNS Records" link and click on the button as well.

• As soon as you do so, follow it up by clicking on the "Continue to DNS Panel" to proceed.

• On getting to the page successfully, hit the "A Records" button and from there, also click on the "Add A Record" button.

• As you fill the fields, do not write anything on the portion for "Host Name". Skip it.

• Into the space meant for "Destination IPv4 Address", type the following IP into the field.

• Move on by clicking the "Add Record" button.

• Also do the same thing for the,, IPs in such a way that the total A Records you will have at the end of everything will be summed up to four.

• Find the "CName Records" button, click on it and follow suit by clicking on the "Add CName Record" button.

• As the form comes up, find the "Host Name" option and type www into the field.

• In the field for "Value", please type "" into the space provided. As you do so, be sure to also select the second option shown there on the screen.

• Proceed by clicking the "Add Record" button.

• Now, you need to log into your Blogger dashboard. Navigate to by opening a new tab for it in your browser.

• Once you get there, visit the "Setting" section, click on "Basic" and from there find your way to the "Publishing" settings corner.

• On the settings page, click on the "Set up a third-party URL for your blog" link.

• Type your chosen DomainKing Domain which you have been setting all these while into the field and save it there. You will get an error message instantly on your screen after doing this.

• Do not worry. From the displayed error message, copy the quoted details (Label and Target specifically) of the 2nd CNAME quoted and save it somewhere in your computer for easy retrieval.

• Move back to your DomainKing Dashboard tab on your browser and go to the "Add CName Record" page by clicking on the "CName Records" button.

• Copy and paste your saved "Label" into the field meant for "Host Name".

• Also copy and paste the "Target" details from the error message you have generated and saved earlier into the field for "Value". That should be the second option definitely.

• Then, click on the "Add Record" button.

• Wait for like five to ten minutes before moving back to your Blogger dashboard tab and save your settings once more.

• As soon as the operation becomes successful, click the "edit" button and choose the "redirect" option by clicking and ticking against the relevant box.

• If at this point you still get an error message then, you still need to give it more time to process and try again until it is okay.

• But you can still contact the DomainKing Team by sending them a support Ticket so that they can help you out and guide you in configuring your domain name.

And this is the end of the tutorial. Comment below with your opinions, questions and views and I will be glad to give you the needed attention. Also, you can engage me for a fee to set up and configure your DomainKing Domain Name for you and link it to your Blogger blog. Get more tips on this blog everyday.

Have a good time !

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