Ladies; How To Know You Are Dating A Married Man

Ladies; How To Know You Are Dating A Married Man

This is for those single ladies who hate dating married men with passion. As for those single ladies who don't care, you can still look out for the following signs, so as for you to know if the man you're going out with is taken , in case he is pretending to be single.

1. If he don't pick your calls at odd hours. This is number one sign that the man is taken. in most of the cases , he will send you a text rather than having a conversation with you. if you see him the following day, you will hear things like I was in a meeting or fast asleep when you called.

2.If he is trying to make the relationship discreet. If your man prefer going out with you towards the evening time, if he is reluctant to show you to his friends, if he can't freely stroll around the neighborhood where he stays with you, chances are ,he is taken.

3.If he don't take you to his place. this is yet another important signal. If he prefer taking you to short time joint or a friend place, then, he may just be married.
How do you know if he takes you to a Friend place? just try to know few of his things; clothes, size of his shoes and other accessories. check out all this where ever he takes you., if they not there, it may be a borrowed venue.

4.Depending on how responsible and how much regards he has for his wife, if your man reject the offer of you spending the night with him, hmmmm! he is married. This is because men love puni so very much.

5.If he constantly fail to honour appointment, even when you are always willing to come see him,ir is another pointer towards the fact that he is not a freeman.

6.When he don't invite you to the church where he worship. whenever your man start speaking in tongues when you suggest coming to his place of worship to fellowship with him, don't mistake that for being filled with the holy spirit,he may be a married dude.
Add yours. men, bad belle is not allow.

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