Solid Advantages Of Marrying A Nurse.

In this day and age, when most eligible bachelors '' use style '' to check out a lady's job before deciding whether to marry her, let me help by advising guys on what should be the best option.....and why.

Healthcare......... whenever you or the kids fall sick, you 're already smiling because you know you are in safe hands. You'll get all the drugs, injections, massages and TLC you need.

Please, am not trying to discourage baes who are not nurses........and also, not trying to discourage guys who are already hooked to non - nurses. Its just the way it is.

2. Nurses are neat.....they are used to wearing white, which must always be kept clean. So, her undies will be like angelic turkish lace. Instead of a market woman that will wear from morning going to market, till evening when she'll return......with all the sweating.

Enough time...... For every 1 week of night duty, they take the next 1 week off..........enough time to tend to the kids , while you continue hustling for your daily bread. And when she's pregnant ? You know the rules na.......6 months maternity leave. Enjoyment. Again, unlike bankers....monday to saturday, 7am till 7pm.

Financial security.......they are well paid these days, and will supplement your income as the husband. Very important in marriage. A nursing officer II in the federal service is on N120,000 monthly. Instead of giving out money for pad, soapdish, closeup, eye pencil

Because they have mastered the human body, your sex life will be like '' ORINGO WAY ''......washing and setting. You know na. Instead of a banker that will be calculating accounts in her head.

Nurses and other doctors on this forum, should plz add [ but not subtract ]to this list. Lol

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