Submit your websites and blogs to the Open Project Dmoz Directory and get listed

Submit your websites and blogs to the Open Project Dmoz Directory and get listed

One of the most-effective, in vogue and widely practiced means of search engine optimization which is vastly employed by webmasters and internet administrators all over the world today is directory submission. In a very concise but embracing way, an online directory can be simply described as a web documentary of relevant websites, blogs, businesses, products, events, addresses as well as other stuffs for storage, listing, awareness and future retrieval purposes too. Inside a typical online directory, you will notice that the items contained within are all listed according to their appropriate categories such that a website that specializes in affiliate marketing can be listed in the e-commerce or even the affiliate marketing category. Nowadays numerous webmasters have taken to the submission of their websites and other online contents to web directories. The reason behind such a welcome mentality is because they want their websites to be listed and easily found online in the relevant categories that they belong to. Due to the grouped nature of most online directories, popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing always take time to crawl and index all the contents of any good web directory. Hence, this priority placed on directories by search engines have awakened webmasters on the need to submit their websites to directories. While most webmasters employ the automatic directory submission methods (which is made possible by online automated programs, scripts and software) to submit their websites with just a single click to thousands of directories, others still use the crude manual method of directory submission. But not withstanding the manner in which the directory submission activity is been carried out, it is high time I told you about the biggest online directory known as the 'Dmoz Directory'. Although thousands of other web directories exist on the internet, this very open project directory claims the top spot in their order of priority and more still, search engines crawl and index it more frequently than others as a result of it's large, well-structured and quality contents too.

Submit your websites and blogs to the Open Project Dmoz Directory and get listed

Take advantage of the Dmoz directory today and improve the visibility of your websites and other online contents on the popular search engines. To submit you website to the Dmoz directory, please take time to follow these steps below:

==> Visit the Dmoz Directory homepage at

==> Proceed to an instant submission of your website to the directory by clicking the 'Add content' button. This will take you to a page where you will be required to carefully provide your website details including the it's name, web address, description, category, keywords, contact information, functional email address, captcha challenge and other miscellaneous information as may be required by the website.

==> After filling up the form, accept their terms and conditions, submit it and that is all. However, a notification and verification email may be sent to your address either notifying you of the success of your submission activity or requiring you to complete other few simple steps. But whichever way it goes, just follow and implement their brief instructions so as to ensure that your site and its details are finally listed on the directory.

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