Things You Should Do While Waiting For That Dream Job

Securing a job in Nigeria has been indeed a herculean task. Its either you know someone that's gonna help you clinch that job or you wait for divine intervention. 

Many graduates even after NYSC have to run pillar to post to make ends meet. Sometimes i tend to blame the government for not providing adequate jobs but then again, the government isn't going to do everything for its citizens. 

I have heard lots of people say, 'Go into business'. This is actually a good step towards entrepreneurship but a reasonable mind will know that business is not for everyone. Many wanna start businesses but have no capital. Many have capital and don't wanna go into business. Most have these capital and refuse to loan because of lack of trust.

Anyway, without digressing too much here are ten things you should consider doing before the dream job comes.

1. Learn A Trade: 

To some people, especially those who went to private universities, it might be a bit hard to learn a trade. I don't really mean like selling milo and milk by the road side but i mean learning things like tailoring, shoe making, carpentry. Etc. Its kinda hard for me mentioning all these but it is what it is. We must learn to swallow our pride and be independent. 

2. Computer Training:

We are in the jet age and learning a thing or two from the world of computer would do as a little good. Also, it would as serve as a skill acquired. Imagine yourself learning computer hardware and software for a stretch of about 7-8months. That's knowledge and knowledge is power.

3. Help Mum Out: 

Yes this might sound funny and not even add anything to your cv but look at the spiritual aspect of it. You are helping mum with all that stress and in return, she will only pray for you. In fact, she will pray that you get a job quick because considering all the time, money and energy spent in school, she knows you deserve better. It helps.

4. Meet New people: 

You never might no who would be willing to lend a helping hand. So there is need to create a wide prospect of new individuals in your life because the more the link, the better your chances of securing a job.

5. Get A Masters Degree:

Some people may not be financially buoyant to get a degree but that's life for you. But, i would urge any of you who has the financial vigor, to go for a higher degree as this increases your chances in securing a job. If many people without masters degree applies for a certain job position and you have a masters, that gives you an edge, over them.

6. Do you have a talent:

The truth is, many people are not even destined to land that dream job. This is simply because many have talents that will pay much more than the dream job. 
So are you good in acting, singing, comedy, walking on needles, floating in Anyway, whatever talent is it, work on it because it might be your breakthrough story.

7. Go for counseling:

You might not just know what you want or what you need to do. This is a case whereby you need a senior figure to put you on the right track so that one wont derail. Seek for guidance, have a heart to heart talk so you will be able to discover that hidden ability you have. Most importantly, so you will able to know the things you really want in life. 

8. Add yours....

I hope we all land that dream job soon... cool

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