10 Ways Youths React When Their Pastors Say They Should Not Engage in Sex

NB: Please, note that I'm not trying to insinuate that all youths are like this, but a generality/large percentage of them

So let's get started

10 Ways Youths React In Churches When Their Pastors Say They Should Not Engage in Sex

1. They are overly Quiet

I don't know if I'm the only one that has noticed this. This reminds me of our sermon which main thrust of discussion centred on fornication. You need to see the way students were so quiet. The fellowship was twice as quiet as the normal way. They pretended to be seriously concentrating on the message as a disguise for their misdeed. No side talks, nothing nothing cheesy

2. They Pay less attention to the Pastor

Specifically, guys are always very timid when sitting beside a chic and their pastor starts warning them against engaging in premarital sex. You will see some of them will bend their heads and will focus on their phones. Dem go enter BBM or whatsapp sharp sharp. This is because the sermon does not interest them cheesy

3. They Will Tell Their Friends That The Sermon Was Boring

After such a sermon, on your way to the villa, try ask your peeps if they enjoyed the sermon, and I'm sure that the response you are most likely to get is that, "the pastor just dey fall our hand ni jawe, I no just gbadun the service at all cheesy

4. They Adjust their sitting posture

This is not an exaggeration. During such a sermon, some of them will keep adjusting their sitting posture until the sermon ends. They can adjust their sitting posture 200 times before the sermon ends

5. They keep Looking at their wristwatches

Even if the sermon will last for only 10 minutes , it's usually very boring to them. They will keep looking at their wristwatches at intervals, as if they don't want to miss their flight. Their wish is that the preacher should put the sermon to an end so quickly.

6. They Won't Step to the Alta for the Forgiveness Of their Sins

Take example, the pastor asks those who have been swimming in fornication to step to the alta and ask for the forgiveness of their sins. Dem go begin give the pastor one kind strange look like say dem wan beat am up. Despite the fact that we know that we are in an era where sex is the thing invoke; they will not come out laye laye !!!.. In some cases only one or two persons will summon the courage to step out. cheesy

7. The Ladies Normally Pay Maximum Attention To The Preacher

Specifically, ladies give maximum attention to the sermon the moment the preacher starts giving them the tricks guy normally use to coarse them into sex and dump them afterwards. You will see the ladies shaking their heads in amazement. While you see the boys looking as if they should grab the pastor and tear him to pieces

8. They look unhappy

I don't know if I'm the only one that has noticed this. During financial prosperity sermon, the church seems to be lively but reverse is the case during fornication sermon. There's an expression of guilt on the faces of virtually all youths (not all though).

9. They Laugh sheepishly

The ones that will keep laughing hysterically, making jest of other ladies in the church that their friends have met with not minding the fact that they're guilty too.

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