8 Ways Ladies Treat Their Toasters Harshly

Approaching some ladies can be likened to walking into a lion's den because of the maltreatment guys receive from them.

The way some Nigerian ladies treat their toasters is worse to beating a hardened criminal and as a result, guys have pad lock their feelings for them or conclude to date ladies from western culture.

Therefore, let's take a look on ways Nigerian ladies maltreat their toasters.

1. They stylishly use them to do house chores

During my NYSC program, there was a lady in my lodge who pretended as if she loved this guy. The guy who is in lust washed her undies, dirty kitchen utensils and atimes loose her braid hairs as if he was under a powerful spell. After using him like a depreciated tractor, grin she married the love of her life few months after the end of the program. This is a terrible act some Nigerian ladies abduct till date to treat their toasters harshly.

2. They turn them to ATM machine

This is a common practice ladies use to scorn toasters harshly. They turn toasters to "mega magas" by telling them to cater for their financial needs. After milking his pocket dry, they look for the next unlucky dude to feast on.

3. They ridicule him in public as if he is a pervert

I have lost counts on occasion in public where ladies slapped, bullied and bashed guys simply because he approached them for love. The fact that he is looking tattered or un serious doesn't mean he should be treated with disdain. I am sure sonofananimal1 has experienced such wicked act before.

4. They ask him to go on 2 months fasting

This act is very common in churches where sisters in the lord tell a brother who wants to woo them to embark on 2 months fasting in order to hear from God. Even Jesus Christ did not fast up to that period and I count such as a wicked act to treat toasters. grin grin

5. They ignore him as if he is a statue

I remembered approaching a beautiful lady in order to woo her. I was stylishly disgraced by her as she ignored me like a statue standing in front of her. Adding salt to injury after leaving her sight, I was in a state of discombobulation where I fell into the nearby canal.

6. They are cold when chatting or on a date with them

Some Nigerian ladies exhibit ridiculous characters that can make a sane man to become a lunatic over night. They replied chats with monosyllabic replies and keep quiet like cemetery ground when on a date with their toasters.

7. They display red signals to toasters by flaunting fake boyfriend picture or deceitful relationship status

Nigerian ladies have a funny way to treat guys harshly by updating their dp or pm with a cute dude who is not their boyfriend or state their relationship status as "married or engaged". Some who are "lord of the rings" flaunt their fake engagement rings to toasters.

8. They overdo "hard to get" character

Some Nigerian ladies are so confused that they place guys on the fence of their heart. They won't say "YES or NO" to him but when they need something important (either financial or moral help), they become lively but when everything is okay, they become moody.

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