Men! Stop Offering Your Joystick To Any Stranger You Meet For Mouth Action.

Men are known to possess high level of sexual urge, and can easily lose control of themselves and become irrational when sexually aroused especially when the opposite sex is on sight, they literally starts thinking with their joystick. Whatever you do, for your own safety stop offering your joystick to strangers ( prostitutes, one night stand, etc) for mouth-action. Stop risking your life for few minute ecstasy. Only enjoy mouth-action with your wife or girlfriend whom you have known for a longtime.

I heard a shocking story yesterday, although unverified, but I believe people should learn from this story. The victim, A final year student of one of the university in Nigeria, invited a girl he met on Facebook to come visit him. Around 1am in the night, the hostel mates were woken up by a loud scream protruding from the victims room. They rushed to find out what the problem was, but the door was locked. After several knock on the door without any responds, they decided to force the door open. When the door was forced open, they were meet with a shocking sight of the victim Unclad in pool of blood with his joystick almost detached from his groin. And in the other side few distance from the victim, is the girl Unclad and making a rhythmic movement of the arms and legs, which signifies she was having an epileptic seizure. She was giving the victim a mouth-action when the seizure started.

Seizure in Epilepsy patients is often triggered when the brain is in a state of high excitement or anxiety. The experience includes stiffen and tight clicking of the teeth for several seconds to a minute (imagine your joystick in her mouth at this moment) and then having an rhythmic movements of the arms and legs. Often the rhythmic movements slow before stopping. The return to consciousness is gradual and the person may be confused for quite some time --minutes to hours.

Have you ever consider if that stranger you are offering your joystick for a mouth-action is epileptic? Like HIV/AIDS , epilepsy is not written on the face . That handsome or beautiful face might be suffering from epilepsy.

Better be warned.

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