Some Bad Cooking Habits Women Have

Today, the gist I have is about bad cooking habits some wives have.

A lot of women, over the years, have developed cooking habits that have become a part them.

Let me point out some of those bad habits so as to help women become better in their kitchens.

1) Licking the spoon you used in turning the food and dipping it back in d pot.

2) Leaving spoon on top of the pot and then using that same spoon hours later without washing.

3) Eating directly from the pot (many women do this.) They put their mouths over the pot and scoop food into their mouths. Sounds crazy but it’s true.

4) Talking over an open pot of food (don’t do it! Some ‘things’ might escape into the food.)

5) Cutting meat with the teeth to test how well cooked it is, and throwing the remaining back into the pot

Now, tell me, what other bad cooking habits do you think people have

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